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Jack Krohn

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Remember that old song by the Five Man Electrical Band -"Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign-can't you read the sign?" We are not talking classic rock and roll here but the simplest of ideas to protect your home for home invasion or home burglary-SIGNAGE.

The thing about signs that is so beautiful is THEY WORK. Most criminals, believe it or not, are pretty smart. Before they rob a house they case the neighborhood and look for what they perceive is the easiest home to break into. Part of that process for them is seeing who has a security system or anything else that might stand in the way of an easy heist.

Here are some simple signs you can use to help keep the bad guys away.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH This program has stood the test of time. It is recommended by virtually every local police force in the country. Information and assistance to get one going is FREE. If your neighborhood doesn't have one, you should get one going.

SECURITY COMPANY You've seen them, they are all over. “This home protected by…. " It is one of the first things security companies do when you sign up is put up their signs on your property. You don't even have to have the service-just get a sign.

WARNING SIGNS “Guard dog on duty", “Beware of Guard dog" prominently displayed all over the yard. You get the idea.

NRA STICKERS This is one of my favorites. It is a subtle way of saying “We have a gun here so stay away".

Advertising works, even in the criminal world. Let the bad guys know they are in for a hard time and chances are they will stay away and pick another target.

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