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Most patios, being made of concrete or a similar material, are susceptible to not only weathering but also a host of other things that could cause degradation. Cracks and chips taken out of the patio surface are not a rarity. Attempting to fill a hole or crack with new dement is a definite faux pas. It is likely that the new concrete and old concrete will not bond together well, merely compounding the problem.

In any case the process of patio repair follows several straightforward steps.

Supposing the patio is brick or stone, then the repair is quite easily done since all there is to do is remove the damaged brick or stone, replace it, and use mortar or sand around its’ edge. For concrete patios the process is slightly more complicated but still no big undertaking. Obviously the surface should be clean of any debris before anything the procedure begins.

Once this is completed, the next step is to chip away the cracked material in and around the hole in the surface of the patio. Any uneven concrete in the hole should be leveled out. The opening should also be cleaned with a wire brush. The resultant of this process should be a relatively smooth, flat-bottomed cavity. The edges of the gap must then be undercut so as to provide a rim for the filler to lock into place. Be sure to remove any loose particles also.

The area should then be dampened or in some cases a primer must be applied before the patching compound. The filling process can then begin. Apply the patching compound into the hole and use an ample amount so as to create a mound on top of the hole.

This mound will compensate for any shrinkage that may occur. Make certain that the compound is firmly packed into the opening. Lastly, smooth the mound down with a trowel as the filler begins to set in.

Now all that remains to do is shelter the patch with some protective covering and let it dry for roughly a week.   

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Remodeling Your Patio With patio Slabs or Concrete
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