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The Perfect Type Of Grass For Your Landscaping Project


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Choosing The Right Type Of Grass

Most American homes feature a lawn: whether it covers the whole backyard with a couple of flowerbeds or a much smaller area to leave room for a terrace, there usually always is a lawn to some degree. Before you start your landscaping plans in earnest you need to select a type of grass that will not only work well with the local soil and weather conditions, but also suits you in terms of how much care it needs to look its best.

The very first question you must answer before selecting a type of grass is: where is the lawn going to be? Both the shape of the lawn and its location will have a direct effect on the way the grass absorbs the water, and therefore whether it is likely to thrive or struggle. You need to know the answer to this question before picking a type of grass as you can get kinds that don’t adapt to certain conditions. The shape of the lawn, like whether it’s laid in a large square or narrow band, will also affect how easy it is to mow and care far, which again can mean selecting certain types of grass over others.

When it comes to picking the type of grass you may want to check the condition of your soil, which will tell you what nutrients are naturally presents. Combine with the local weather condition this will help you narrow down what type you should get. You can always add specialist feed to enrich the soil of your plot but you’re more likely to end up with a beautiful lawn if you pick a type of grass naturally adapted to the soil it’s planted in.

Local weather conditions will have a direct impact on what kind of grass is likely to thrive. There are types adapted to hot and humid conditions, hot and dry or temperate. It’s easy to be swayed into picking a grass you like the look of and not realize that it will probably struggle to survive if the region you live in does not offer conditions similar to its native environment. A good example is the very popular Kentucky Blue Grass: this is a great choice if you get enough water, but it will not do well if the weather gets too dry. Choosing a type of grass that is adapted to the local climate also mean that you can do your bit to conserve natural resources, as it may not need as much watering to supplement the rain it receives.

You can then add texture and height to your landscape by adding ornamental grasses: they can be very decorative and are easy to maintain providing you pick kinds suited to the local conditions. Check the size they can grow to so you don’t get over-crowded. Also note that it can looks better to limit how many types of grass you pick and group several specimen of the same type instead for a more imposing result.

There are many types of grass available to either lay to lawn or for ornamental purposes: if you pick a kind that is well adapted to the local condition you should end up with a striking looking garden as a result.

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