What Can A Delta Table Saw Do For You?


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Table saws are one of the most versatile tools on the market for woodworking. If you are just starting to build your tool collection a Delta table saw is a great place to start.

Delta has been manufacturing tools for years and has a reputation for products that are reliable, durable, and affordable. They have many different table saws to choose from but the 10" Shopmaster is a good place to start.

The TS 300 comes with a powerful 5500 RPM motor, 5/8" arbor, and weight 160 pounds. Comes with a two year warranty and it's a saw worth considering. There are things to consider before you make your purchase.

1. What Can It Do For Me?
Ask yourself what can it do for me and you'll love the answer! It will let you rip cut with the grain and it will also let you do crosscuts. You can run any length board through a table saw.

2. Sturdy
The saw you buy needs to be sturdy. When you load it up with your wood it should not shake. You should also check that all the levers and knobs are strong and built well. Avoid plastic whenever possible.

3. Tight Components
The fence is an integral part of your table saw and you need to check and make certain that the fence locks into place correctly and that it does not move or wiggle.

4. You Have The Power
When you buy your saw you want to make sure you have the horsepower you are going to need. They come in motor sizes ranging from 1 HP to 4 HP. Small is fine for softwoods and small cuts but if you are planning to cut hardwood or bigger cuts then make sure you have the power.

5. Accessories
When looking at saws consider the accessories that are available and which ones might interest you in the future.

6. Portability
If portability is important to you there are several bench top and lightweight portables on the market. Opt for this style saw only if portability is a must because the larger less portable models have much more accurate cuts, are more durable, and they are also more powerful.

7. Budget
It's always a great idea to set your budget before you ever begin shopping. It's very easy to get caught up in the for just $20 more I can have…and suddenly you are spending way more than you had anticipated. So set your budget and then shop within it.

8. Warranty
Consider not only the length of the warranty but what it covers and how easy it is to collect on. There are many warranties on the market and some offer easy in house repairs while others make you ship your saw across the country.

You can spend anywhere from $200 to $2000 on a table saw depending on number of things including features, motor size, and make. A Delta table saw is a good investment providing you with a quality product at a price you can afford with a name you can trust.

Johnathon is a professional carpenter for over 20 years and has experience in helping customers renovate their homes. Johnathon is woodwork enthusiast who works with jigsaws, table saws, circular saws and many other varieties of saws. Visit his specialty site on saws at http://www.szaws.com for table saw reviews .


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