Choosing Fireplace Accessories for Your Home


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Nothing makes a home feel more warm and cozy than a beautiful fireplace. In the past fireplaces were more of a necessity than an added form of comfort. Most homes relied upon the fireplace as their main source of heat. Although our needs have greatly changed since then, many people enjoy the beauty and warmth that a fireplace can add to their home. Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, a properly decorated fireplace can add to your home's value. Choosing the right fireplace accessories to decorate with are almost as important as deciding upon the right size fireplace for your home.

Today there are many different types and styles of fireplace accessories on the market to choose from. Two main factors to consider before making a purchase are style and convenience. You will want to buy products that both compliment the design and look of you fireplace but that are also not too difficult to use. It makes little sense to spend hundreds of dollars on items that are for decorative purposes only. To get the most value for your money you will want to only purchase items that both compliment your decor and that are easy to use.

The following list contains a description of some commonly used fireplace accessories:

1) Fireplace match holders can be made from a variety of materials including wrought iron, brass, oak, and copper. They come in a wide range of styles and prices. Whether you desire a very simple look or something more ornamental, there are many different types of match holders to choose from. No matter what style you prefer, match holders are both practical and convenient. It can be very frustrating to have to search for your starter matches every time you wish to build a fire. With a match holder, everything you need is ready at hand.

2) Damper pulls are one of the oldest and most commonly used of all fireplace tools. Most often composed of brass, damper pulls are used to open and close a fireplace damper. A damper pull is usually about a foot in length and contains a hook on the end. The hook is what is used to easily open and close the damper. When your fireplace is not in use, the damper pull can be hung from the wall, mantle, or a fireplace stand.

3) Fireplace grates are probably the most important of all fireplace tools. A properly installed grate offers many advantages such as better protection for the floor of your fireplace. Often times without a grate the floor can become very hot and eventually become damaged. A grate helps to lessen the amount of heat that actually reaches the floor. A fireplace grate also permits the wood to burn better. Since the wood is not touching the floor, the air beneath the burning wood will be a higher temperature allowing the wood to burn more effectively. They can make clean up easier since the grate holds the wood in place and cuts down on the amount of embers that are scattered about the fireplace floor.

4) Fireplace screens add a great deal of charm and beauty to your fireplace. Available in brass, pewter, copper, glass, iron, and chrome, fireplace screens offer both style and added security to your fireplace. A fireplace screen can help to prevent pets from becoming injured and keep hot sparks from damaging the floor area outside of your fireplace.

The right fireplace accessories can make your fireplace look more appealing and make building a fire a more pleasant experience. Good fireplace tools make starting a fire simple and require very little effort. The easier it is to start a fire and maintain your fireplace, the more likely you are to enjoy the warmth and beauty a fireplace has to offer your home.

Jon worked in construction for 10 years before starting his own local fireplace installation service 8 years ago. At his website, Jon will show you how his years of experience in the industry can help change your fireplace into the focal point of your home. To learn more about fireplace design ideas visit


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