Your Burning Questions Part 3

Daegan Smith

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Most likely as you read this email I'm probably still sleeping. I want to make sure I got this next addition out in a timely manner so I put it on autopilot!

Without further ado . . .

Question #1


With network marketing/at home businesses growing at such a high rate currently there is so much information about this or that new method that will explode your business. Then when I get it, I am only disappointed or deceived or it's too complicated.

I know you, like I am now, were searching for the holy grail when you first starting. . . spending over $7k to learn some valuable lessons. I am on my way to spending that $7k you spent and I just want something so easy and simple to help my team explode.

What I don't want is something that everyone has to study for 2 months before they know how to do it or some program that puts more iron in the fire. I have a problem of getting too spread out (information overload. . . I'm a green) preventing me from attack mode.

What is the biggest mistake you made in network marketing beside not starting sooner?

What is it, in your opinion, that keeps most people from succeeding in network marketing?

What is the key to making the shift from no success to massive success?

Finally, with getting so many people in your business in such a short time, how did having a system in place contribute to the retension and growth of your downline (I'm assuming that everyone in your downline received a copy of “Internet MLM Success")?

See you at the top,

Ian Davis


You are certainly a doer my friend and you will reach the top.

There is so much to answer in your questions that I could write an entire book or do an entire interview to answer your question so in that regard I am going to do something different!

I'm going to answer it in audio!

Click This Link To Play The Audio Message

Question #2


My name is Tasmine, I have been looking for a business that I can do working from home, yes I did find companies that promised me they were the best as everyone says when I read the ad on the net, I've spent so much money then finding out that what was promised isn't true I have go in so much debt that everything I own is being repossessed, I'm not a quitter but I would like to know really if this does work because I worked hard for nothing I want you to tell me why you are different . . .

Thank you,

Tazu Kelly


I feel for you and your situation and I see that you are not a quitter.

To answer your question, please refer to what I said in Ian's question it holds true for you as well.

I am only different because I have a true passion for helping people do more faster than I did and I give myself fully to this task.

Question #3

If you can go back to the beginning of your network marketing career, what is one thing that you would like to see change?

Kendrick B. Lewis

Honestly this may sound like the easy way out for this question, but feel it is the truest answer.

I would not change anything.

If things were easier at the beginning I would not have an appreciation for where I am now or the desire to continue to improve things for everyone.

If I can help make people free in the truest sense of the word there is no better feeling or calling in life. That is why I love network marketing and I am committed to making the world of network marketing a better place for as many people as I can. (Especially those on my team:)

For instance, the reason that I've decided to really communicate on a daily basis here is because we all need to know that there is hope. If I can achieve good result with network marketing in my own way so can you and you need to know this.

If you believe in something strongly enough it will find a way to manifest itself in your life, so my path is my path and I wouldn't change a thing!

Until next time . . .

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