What Platform Should Be Chosen For A Beginner As An Affiliate Marketer ?

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In this session, we are going to cover some topics such as what is affiliate marketing in short and how does it work ? What is the importance of affiliate marketing and what are the main features of it ? what is the highest paying affiliate program to join even for beginners as well ?

It is to be believed that some of the present affiliate marketers are bloggers and famous social media people who have a large database of followers. They are making millions from affiliate marketing programs and some already chosen career as a full-time affiliate. QUITE INTERESTING AHH. ? Yes, year by year the demand for online ads are moving to more advanced level and its strategy has been changing in a dramatic way. So let us first define what it is.


Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the oldest and most established type of performance-based marketing whereby you refer somebody on any online product and when that individual made a purchase in view of your suggestion, you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is easier to do by joining any affiliate program with good commission offerings. The price of the commission may vary from $1 to $10000, depends on what product you're promoting.


  1. The easiest way to make money online at a low risk.
  2. The payouts are fixed and faster.
  3. Revenues are more consistent.
  4. You can eliminate other capital expenses.
  5. Get a clear vision of what your visitors are preferring.

So far we have discussed what is affiliate marketing all about, how it works and the importance of it. Now let's start with the features of best affiliate marketing programs will be having and let us find out what is the highest paying affiliate program to join as well.


So in order to recognize the best affiliate program, you should aware of picking the right one. But don't worry, you can consider these features:

  1. Look for the best payout thresholds like PayPal or any other trustable gateways.
  2. Correctly updated email notifications. Best customizable link and discount coupon codes.
  3. Advanced tracking tools to measure your progress.
  4. Professional help centers to offer better services and help.


There are plenty of affiliate programs which offers high payout in which almost all of them are free to join as well. But here we are reviewing the best and highest payout affiliate program which I recommend the most, especially for the newbies. Every affiliate programs are easy to join and promote.

MY CHOICE: Amazon Affiliate Program or Amazon Associates

Features: Creation of “aStore" which is having the ability to make or customize an online store which can be embedded within or linked from a blog, Ease of use and free help desk is an another attraction of Amazon Association, offers summary reports and link type reports which can generate data on impressions, CTR, clicks, items ordered and shipped, advertising fees, etc.

Free Plan: Yes, its free to join

For the complete review about how Amazon Associate work, registration procedures and other details just visit my blog.

Total Score: 99/100 Final Verdict: HIGHEST PAYING AFFILIATE PROGRAM !!!


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