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"WHATS IN IT FOR ME ?" Income Opportunity Epidemic.

Robert Gafeney

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With the economy in it's current state there are a lot of Income Opportunities sprouting up every-time you turn around. What is very scary to many 1st time investors or the serious business entrepreneur like my wife and I are that a large % of these Income Opportunities are created with “ZERO INTEGRITY" Producing “ZERO RESULTS".

This is RT Gafeney and Below are Our Insights on this growing epidemic that is getting out of hand! If I have “OFFENDED ANYONE" Please don't continue reading our Post. This is for Serious Entrepreneurs!!

There are so much Advertisement which promotes different opportunities it gets very confusing and frustrating, that it can cause someone to get completely lost, unsure and confused in their decision making. I hope this article will give those who desire a change a clearer path to their decision making process.

Below Are A Series Of Questions That One Must Ask And Have Answered.

1. What is in it for me or us?

2. How much do we or I get paid?

3. What is the initial investment required to start generating Income?

4 . Realistically how long is it going to take before we or I start generating Income ?

5. What are the different Marketing Platforms and what type of “Success Training is Provided"?

6. How much minimal time is required of me to promote my business per day?

7. Will I have a work out partner, mentor, coach, sponsor etc. ? Or am I on my own?

8. If provided a work out partner, mentor, coach, sponsor etc. is there a fee attached?

9. What is the return or cancellation rate on the product or services?

10. Will the return or cancellation have any financial impact on my business?

Now if above Basic Questions Have Been Answered You Must Question Yourself Your Why!

1. Do I know why I wan't to make a change?

2. What end result am I looking for?

3. Am I really ready for this commitment?

Please Note: Questions Above are Just Basic Questions However They Are Very Powerful Question. You Might Require More Information and That's Okay Because The More Knowledge You Have The More Decision Making Power You Have (*Special Note* You Must Learn what Marketing Venue You are comfortable with and Learn about Marketing Before you select any opportunity Please Continue Below).

Now with all that has been said here comes our “Pitch" yes I did say “Pitch" however it is well worth it weight in PLATINUM. What we have found out from our many many failures is that in order to succeed in any Industry You MUST, I repeat You Must, acquire KNOWLEDGE Of That Industry which leads to “VERSATILITY" What do we mean when we say “VERSATILITY ?"

What we are saying is that we live in an age of changing Technology and you must have a source of Training that is mirrored for that change. You need a Training Platform That will enable you to Learn from the best In our Industry what is working now, a Training Platform that Provides Unlimited Cutting Edge Training Modules on Unlimited Marketing Arena's, a Training Platform that was created for The Serious Entreprenuer Like Yourself and I.

We have found such a Training Platform That Is Built On 1. Integrity 2. People Helping People 3. Success .

What is so amazing is that there is no information held back. Your return on Investment can't even be tabulated because it is unlimited. We have never been apart of a Training Platform of such wealth and I do mean wealth of knowledge the Individuals That host the Training are 6 figure, 7 figure & 8 figure “INCOME EARNERS" and they are giving all their wealth of knowledge to anyone that has the “DESIRE TO LEARN". What I would suggest that you do is click on link provided and take a “FREE" look for YourSelf Because Trust US “When ever you decided to click on the “FREE" Link We have Provided “IT WILL BE THE DAY THAT CHANGES THE REST OF YOUR LIFE"!!


Visit Our Site (FREE Facebook, Twitter, Marketing and Informational Training)

DownLoad Free E-Book CLick Here

RT Gafeney here we wish each and everyone great success. (Just be very very careful when it comes to investing your finances and time in any Income Opportunity there are Excellent Opportunities Out There with Proven Success Track Records with Individuals that want to and will help You to Take Your Dreams Back Off The Shelves and Make Them Reality )


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A Review of the Charmelle Income Opportunity
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