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The Keys to Success Thru Positive Visualization

Robert Gafeney

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The Pathway to “SUCCESS"
Success (Accomplishment-Achievements-Prosperity-Money-Legacy)

The potential of positive visualization can be linked with positive thinking which results in a positive attitude which is one of the “greatest powers" that we posses in our repertoire to overcome all adversities we face in our daily function of life. If one chooses to exercise their power of positive visualization it can and will be a life changing experience, however you must remain focused, which can be hard at times because of life's distractions it takes determination, one must take upon this herculean commitment of change openly and ethically compounding each effort staying focused remaining consistent and bound until it becomes a habit.

The potentiality of positive visualization requires that you focus your thoughts on positivity because whatever thoughts you hold consistently in your mind will begin the acquirement action which leads to manifestation: Recognize our thoughts are the “causes". Conditions are the “effects" our mind is a very absolute tool and is the foundation of all of our reality. The first step is creating consciousness of your thoughts and focus on positive visualization and as your awareness changes your thoughts and your experiences in life will change you must establish your true thoughts not conditional thoughts because you're subconscious starts the acquisition process and what you manifest.

The power of positive visualization requires positive thoughts which will manifest a positive attitude. This of course requires constant reinforcement. A positive attitude will condition the mind with positivity resulting in positive visualization, having a positive attitude reflects in everything that you do, you can feel it and the people around you. If you find yourself struggling with a negative attitude try positive affirmations statements about yourself that make you feel better constantly reminding yourself that your attitude will result in your acquisition then manifestation. Another good activity is meditation one way is to go off in a calm place and of course it is your decision the type of relaxing not distracting music that soothes you and just focus on Positive Visualization I would recommend you do this daily this will increase the thickness of your armor to battle negativity.

The power of ("positive visualization"- “mental acquisition"-"manifestation") requires effective positive thinking. Effective positive thinking masters the disparity between intention and promise, achievement and performance and aspirations the best way to achieve effective positive thinking is to surround yourself with positive people. Decide upon Goals for yourself build a Visualization board; this is the most effective manner. You can source out pictures of places you would like to go or items you would want to have from the Internet or magazines and paste them on you visualization board even verbiage then visit your board every day if you have a family let them join in adding their dreams on the board and together you will have common effective positive goals.

In closing bear in mind that whatever seeds we plant in our minds our cultivation will decide our harvest. Our life today right here, right now, is the sum total of our decisions our choice in the method, the fertilization we desire to cultivate the seeds planted in our mind will result in the manifestation of our results.

Until Next Time I will see you at the Top.

This information was gathered from Independent-Solution Blog under The Pathway to “SUCCESS" Thank you once again for reading my Article Post and Please look out for more article from me. To all Have a wonderful Holiday. Click Here

Robert G


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How to Use Visualization Meditation to Achieve Success
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