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The "Journey" From Visualization To Success. (1)

Robert Gafeney

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"Hello" Robert Gafeney Here Welcome" “To All Have A Safe And Wonderful Holiday"

Network-MLM-Marketing is exciting and fun but mind you it is not an overnight get rich process, you have to work hard at it and have to form a good habit of consistency and persistency it is your business and you have to remind yourself of that daily. #1. You must ask yourself: Have I utilized my time wisely? What can I do better tomorrow? Be honest with yourself and make immediate adjustments as needed to fulfill your “Goals" your “Aspirations. “Network-MLM-Marketing can become extremely rewarding financially and personally if you have done your due diligence with finding the right Opportunity for you and stick with it and remain focused on your desired outcome.

Many people come right at the slight edge of success not realizing it and quit losing all the effort and time that they put into their business, please realize that your daily activity “compounds daily" and it is your investment and sooner than later that daily investment will lead you to whatever level of success you desire. Just like when we went to school we had to learn daily and make adjustments accordingly and overtime our compounding efforts paid off, We must also make an investment in ourselves which is so rewarding personnel development. There are plenty of excellent books out there Cd's, DVD, seminars.

Note: In Multi Level Marketing you will become the Leader in your Business and you must know how to educate the other Business partners that you recruit and you have to honestly answer this question. Would I want to follow me? That is why personnel development is so important because you must become the Professional Expert; trust us you will become a Professional Expert with the right Habits, Discipline and developing “Self Daily". We personally spend 2hrs per day on personnel development. You can find Professional Motivators that you can relate to.

In our opinion the rewards from building your own Business is extraordinary, it becomes challenging at times but that's what makes it so exciting because failures increases your knowledge and leads you to success. The key is to plant the proper seeds then cultivate then harvest but first, just like the farmer you need to know what the seeds are that you are planting so that you can cultivate properly and reap the harvest of you work.

We have had many people say no to our “Opportunity" but we keep our “Activity Consistent and Persistent" because we know that x no's is still exposure and through" Consistent and Persistent Activity" eventually we get Yes's because that's the laws of averages the more exposures and activity we do, the better we become and less no's we get because of our increased “Exposure Knowledge. " Remember Never Never Never give up!

We Wish You “Success" In Your Business and Never Give Up!!

Look For Our Next Article (How To Evaluate The Right Opportunity For You)

Robert Gafeney®

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The Journey to Success
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