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Starting Out In Affiliate Marketing


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Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves the marketer advertising a product that was created by a person or company. The marketer is affiliated with the creator of the product through an open or sometimes closed program. The closed programs would require an application that would ask a series of questions determining the marketer's experience and planned advertising tactics.

For example, if company X created an e-book on the topic of growing the best tasting tomatoes, then the company has the option to pay people or companies to publish their ads. Publishers may be Google or some authority website in the gardening niche that could easily advertise the e-book for the company. But, what if the company did not have to pay people to advertise for them? What if the company offered an incentive to the ad publisher?

Company X's program would allow anybody to sign up and sell the e-book that they own, by providing the marketer or publisher with a unique link that includes a tracking ID specific to them, that would link to company X's sales page. Generally, the incentives for these programs are greater than 50% of the sale and sometimes up to 75%, depending on the industry and the company involved. This would be a win-win situation and creates a plethora of possibilities for people looking to make money in the online business world.

The marketers who join these affiliate programs decide to use their websites or possibility create a website and develop it based on the product they are trying to sell. Or the marketer may utilize their e-mail lists, niche related forums, general word of mouth and/or any other means to sell the company's product the commission.

Essentially, the marketer is a freelance salesman who utilizes his talents/specializations to sell a product he/she did not create, for a commission determined by the company. The company offers an open program with mutual benefit to both the salesman and the person/company/distributor that owns the rights to the product.

Getting started is fairly simple. Find a product that you stand behind or have purchased and enjoy, and find out if they have a program that you could join and promote. Go to their website and scroll to the bottom and there usually is a section that you can click for people that wish to advertise, the link is usually called “Affiliate”. If that section can not be found, give them a call or shoot them an e-mail and ask if they have a program that you can join.

Also, there are several on-line ad exchange companies that you can type in Google and find. An easier way might be to start up at Clickbank, which is an e-marketplace that has a wide variety of products with pre-made sales pages and anybody who is signed up to Clickbank can advertise for most of the products. It’s as simple as getting a hop link from them for the product you want to promote.

Good luck!

My name is Allan Stewart and I have several websites dedicated to online marketing.

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