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Barbeques And BBQ Food And The Health Risks


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Barbeques and the health problems

You may be simply treating yourself to a mid-week bbq or even will be hosting a considerable get together, barbecues really should be a time to have enjoyment, unwind and enjoy excellent food in the clean air.

As with most things that are exciting, barbecues do have their own health hazards but when you adopt precautions, then you cannot find any reason why you are unable to always appreciate bbqs without the need of producing any problems for your state of health.

Below are some of the major barbecue health problems:

Food poisoning

We’ve all listened to horror stories regarding individuals getting ill following food at a barbecue.

The most common reason for this is eating meat that has not been adequately cooked.

Here are several essential factors to keep in mind in order to avoid food poisoning:

Always continue to keep uncooked poultry and meat clear of additional foods. Utilize separate utensils and also chopping boards to keep uncooked foodstuff and also cooked meals separate.

Wash your hands thoroughly just before handling food items.

Be sure you clean your hands right after holding raw poultry or meat prior to coming in contact with other things.

Make sure that chicken as well as meats will be cooked completely prior to offering.

Remember that simply because a thing appears well-done externally doesn’t mean it is cooked in the middle.

Work with a meat thermometer to measure that meat or chicken is cooked as well as place a skewer into the thickest section of the meat and be sure the actual juices run clear.

If the juices tend to be bloody, it needs to be cooked for more time.

Keep raw food inside the fridge or perhaps in a cool box until you are ready to cook this.

If you happen to be hosting a night time bbq ensure that you have enough to test that the food is thoroughly cooked through.


For many years, scientists have discussed whether barbecues may cause cancer and it’s difficult to find a particular answer.

A possible reasons for cancer through barbecues belong to two primary areas:

Exposure to cancer causing agents from consuming barbecued food as possible cancer-causing hydrocarbons can be found in chargrilled food.

Exposure to carcinogens through breathing in smoke, as the dioxins just like those found in cigarette smoking may be released through the smoke generated when grilling.

However far more investigation has to be completed prior to scientists can be sure of any probable risks, the general opinion seems to be when you are taking advantage of an occasional barbecue (instead of a couple of times weekly) then the risks are most likely minimal.

You may further minimize any risks through ensuring that you barbecue in an place that is well-ventilated in order that the smoke can readily escape and steer clear of eating burnt food items.

Fire and flames

Whenever you are cooking by using heat, there exists a risk of injury.

Safeguard yourself from fires, scalds and burns by following these guidelines:

Choose the location for the bbq cautiously.

Install it in a protected place in which it's going to be protected from the breeze.

Keep it far from garden garden sheds and also timber buildings and ensure that it is using a flat, stable surface.

Use the proper fuel in order to light your bbq - do not use petrol, paraffin or any other flammable liquids.

Have your bucke of water, fire extinguisher and fire blanket to hand in the event of crisis situations.

Dress properly when barbecuing - steer clear of long sleeves, scarves and shawls which could catch fire.

Don’t use open-toed sandals when cooking as you may drop hot foods, coals or perhaps pointed utensils onto your feet.

Wear oven hand protection when cooking or perhapshandling hot items.

Keep your hands out of the flames by utilizing utensils with lengthy handles which are specifically designed for bbqs.

Keep small kids and pets well away from the bbq and ensure that they are not running around when you are transporting hot food.

Never leave a bbq unattended.

Always allow coals or wood to cool entirely before getting rid of them - this might take several hours.

Avoid the temptation to drink too much alcoholic beverages in case you are accountable for the actual cooking - one or two beverages is most likely but when you overdo it then you are more likely to make mistakes which could result in an accident.

Too much of a good thing

It is easy to get sunburnt if you are outdoors for a long period on a sunny day, so don't forget your suntan lotion and sun hat.

If you feel you are getting too hot, head into the shade.

Once the summer sunshine makes an appearance it could be tempting to over indulge - especially when it comes to ice cold beers or chilled bottles of wine.

But if your bbq is an all-day affair, in that case it’s probably a good idea to pace yourself when drinking alcohol.

Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages can be dehydrating, especially when along with a day in the sun, so have lots of drinking water and also soft drinks to hand allowing you to have a substitute for alcoholic beverages.


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