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How To Succeed in Network Marketing.


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There are 5 things you must do to succeed in network marketing. You must do all of them and if you do all of them consistently you WILL succeed. Strangely enough there are very few people that are willing to do these and that's why relatively few people succeed.

Again. . . do these five things consistently and that dream of financial freedom will be yours.

1: Use your products/ services everyday.

This should be unnecessary to say, but unfortunately lots of people think being an MLM distributor is just like being a shop keeper. In network marketing you have to have an emotional attachment to the products/ services. Your passion for your products or lack of it will show when you speak to prospects.

Use every opportunity to use your products and services in a way that prospects see it. Not only that, but every time you are with team members you should be using your products. The more of your company's products you use the more products your team-members will use.

2: Talk to people. . . Lots of them.
You have to do this every single week and if you want to grow fast you have to do it almost every day. You will only become really good after talking to a hundreds of people.

Don't make the mistake that most do of thinking it's not working after getting 30-40 no's in a row.
It is totally delusional to think you can master the selling process after talking to a few people. In a “normal” selling job you will have to have hours of practice and talk to tons of people before you become good.

So when people say no to you it's most likely not because there is something wrong with your products or company. It's because the words you use are not effective. Simply learn the right words and you will get the results you are looking for.

This takes time and practice to get to a level where you start to get a good closing rate.

Also realize that all businesses you have to talk to a lot of people to get a client. I was once working as a salesperson selling one of the leading brands of antivirus software. We probably had to talk to about 7-10 people before we got someone that was even interested and out of those we probably only closed about 1 in 3 or 4. And this was a brand that everyone knew and respected. It takes a lot of rejection to be in business. Accept it or get out.

Even if you generate your leads over the internet or run ads offline, people won't magically sign up with you. Even if the ads work you still have to talk to people and learn to handle objections, answer questions professionally and close people. Unfortunately you can't buy your way to success in network marketing.

But if you talk to enough and learn from the best you can get to a closing rate of about 1 in 3 and that can make you a millionaire.

3: Make presentations.

This is one of the things that people fear the most. They often try to avoid it and tell themselves they will wait till they are really good and know more about the company or the products. But how are you going to become good if you don't get real practice in front of real live prospects? Well … you can't.

You will have to invest many hours in front of a live audience to become convincing. Trying to push more knowledge in your head is not going to convince anyone. It's your ability to CONNECT with your audience that will make them sign up with you.

However you should NEVER do the first few presentations yourself. Get an experienced upline to do them for you the first 3-5 times for YOUR prospects. They will be able to close a much higher percent of the audience and thereby getting your business growing faster than you could by yourself

Also watching an experienced and successful upline do the presentations will give you a chance to see how its done instead of trying to figure it out by yourself. .

4. Attending, promoting and organizing events.

What I mean by events are all the biggers meetings training and presentations

It's at the big events that people develop the deep belief that it takes to go out and go for when everybody say you are crazy. The transformation I've seen in people after being at a big event is absolutely amazing. It is such an important part of network marketing.

YOU have to be there every single time and its your responsibility as a leader to get your people there. As soon as possible start taking part in events organized by your uplines. Ask them what you can help out with, step up and take responsibility. This is absolutely necessary to succeed and I'm sure if you look at your top leaders in your company this is something they all do.

5: Duplicate and develop leaders.

Duplication and leadership development is the biggest Network Marketing success secret. Sponsoring tons of people and hoping they will go out and do the same is going to set you up for burnout and probably failure. You will be lucky to signup 1 in 100 that can go out and do it by themselves.

Hold them by the hand and work with them every step of the process. Don't let your people work by themselves in the beginning. They have no idea what to do, so if they attempt they will not succeed. When they experience failure after failure they will soon give up.

These 5 activities are what I call “The 5 crucial Network Marketing activities”. I also call them our job description, because its what we all need to do consistently to get paid like a pro. If you leave any of them out you will not reach the top, but if you do them consistently you will succeed in the best business in the world; Network Marketing.


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10 Secrets to Succeed in Network Marketing
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