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You're Doing Herbalife - Why Aren't You Making the Money They Said You Would?

Jerry Robkoff

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Have you found yourself wondering why your Herbalife business is not delivering the financial returns that you were expecting? You did your homework, and you chose Herbalife because it's an industry leader and offers a very lucrative compensation plan. You're doing everything your sponsor and company is telling you to do. You have your own personal replicated website. You're placing classified ads. You're doing the Pay Per Click with Google and Yahoo. You're doing live in home presentations. You're talking to your friends, family, even to strangers at the check out lines.

So, how's all that going?

If you're feeling frustrated or disgusted with your results, there is something you must realize. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! You have a great product, and a great compensation program. The problem isn't that. It's your MARKETING!

Every day a brand new company launches on the web, touting and yelling its great product line and its fantastic compensation plan. It's the same old song heard over and over and over again. NO ONE wants to hear it. NO ONE CARES! All those old hat marketing methods are worthless in today's internet universe. You are wasting far too many hours and way too much money chasing people who have no desire to get involved with your business.

Don't you think it's time that changed your marketing strategy? How dramatically would your bank account change if you suddenly stopped being the hunter, and became the HUNTED? How drastically would your success improve if you had a CONSTANT stream of 50 - 100 prospects, with credit card in hand, beating a path to your website?

Nice fantasy, huh?

It doesn't have to be a fantasy. It really can happen. All that is needed is for you to SHIFT YOUR FOCUS. Instead of being the internet marketer for a company that sells potions and pills, become the EXPERT on Financial Independence.

At any given moment (according to Google) there are over 25 MILLION searches being done by people looking to start their own internet business. The hard cold truth is, they do NOT care about your great product, company or compensation plan. They've heard that sad tired song a thousand times, already. They are looking for the SAME THINGS YOU WERE LOOKING FOR WHEN YOU SIGNED ON TO HERBALIFE. They want financial success and independence.

When you become the Expert and build your credibility, people will follow you and your recommendations. You will literally separate yourself from the mob of MLM marketers and step into that elite 3% group of MLM Pros, who are seeing the big returns. So stop using out dated methods, and step up to the 21st Century and boom your business.

See you at the top.

I went from ZERO dollars to $12,884.55 in 10 DAYS. If you're really VERY SERIOUS about being successful in the MLM industry, and are tired of wasting your time and money, and not seeing any profits, then we need to talk.

Please visit I'm looking to partner up with motivated individuals who are ready to make over $12,000 per month.


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