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Leverage - The Only Path to Long-Term Wealth

Bill Stroud

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I know the terms leverage is so often associated with multi-level or direct marketing businesses and is a part of their sales pitch. Leverage is used as a hook t convince potential recruits that it is what will allow them to spend more time with their family or sit poolside while thousands of dollars roll in without any work. Let's look at leverage from the perspective of more traditional businesses and less obvious forms of leverage:

1. Stock Market-The issuers of stock, which is simply a piece of paper or a “share" of ownership in a publicly-traded company, use leverage. They make money every time someone buys their stock without necessarily doing any additional work. They have invested in some type of business concept. Taken their company to the point that it can “go public" and issue stock in exchange for real currency or cash. What is great about this? They give out pieces of paper, whose value is based on a variety of factors both real and imaginary and they get in return real cash that they can go and spend or they can borrow against their own stock to get real cash. It is virtually a license to print money.

2. Intellectual Property-Intellectual Property or IP is another form of leverage. Take George Lucas as an example. He wrote the basic story for the Star Wars trilogy over 30 years ago. He is still making millions of dollars per year off of this IP. New content some he develops himself other just simply licensing of his brand produces millions of dollars. This one story or IP creation will continue to make millions well into the future.

With just two simple examples it is apparent that leverage is how significant wealth is produced. Leverage can involve leveraging people, time or creative products. The one key point however is that successful leverage requires organization and the use of creativity-something anyone can learn.

Bill Stroud is an experienced marketing trainer and business consultant who advises entrepreneurs and small businesses on how to “unlock the creativity within" and achieve their personal and business goals. He offers a wealth of resources and coaching that he's learned by doing not just teaching.

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Using Real Estate Leverage For Wealth Building
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