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Monavie Scam - Credible Or Incredible (I Was Asked to Weigh in on This!)


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Now, first of all, let me share this with you upfront. I'm not some MLM or Network Marketing basher that got burned and now I'm after the system that ruined my life and my sense of optimism. That's not it at all! As a matter of fact, I have been involved with Network Marketing off and on (more on that off) for over seventeen years and I applaud the concept of leveraged and exponential growth and the basic thought of the little guy being able to get ahead. So hear me out, okay?

When I say “Monavie Scam’ or anything insinuating a little crooked behavior out there is the fact that you just aren't getting the real story. You know, when you go to the big meeting and conventions and thousands of people pour into a room to hear a handful of people share their success stories.

You know the ones, when they share how they earned five figures in their third month in the business and all the people they'd like to thank for helping them get get to the top, namely YOU! It's those meetings that I'm talking about that are the real Monavie scam. See, it's not that these stories aren't true and based in fact to a large extent, however, it's what you're not being told that should scare the pants off you.

For example, the people on stage have some information that either you don't know or you aren't willing to believe because of all the hype that fills the air in the arena. Isn't it an arena? It's like the roar from the crowd at a Lakers game when Kobe dropped 84 points that night. Then you fly home to the reality of your dead little downline or your friends and family that won't take your calls anymore.

That's the Monavie Scam. . .

Here's a quick pointer, if you want to be the one on stage someday, become credible (it's key). See, credibility is the engine that makes the whole ship move in your direction. Without it you're sitting in the stands with a flag and a bag of popcorn cheering on Mr. and Mrs. In-credible. There's a lot more to share on the topic of credibility that would make your head spin but I can't give it all to you here so do yourself a huge favor and drop by my website for more details.

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