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Joining New Network Marketing Companies - How to Pick a Winner Out of the Gate


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There seems to be and endless stream of New Network Marketing Companies and start-ups to choose from for anyone's eyes to roll into the back of their head just thinking about it. With no shortage of opportunity on the horizon there is no need to jump into the wrong business due to a hyped up claims of riches and grandeur with the next pre-launch.

First of all, pre-aunch is just a simple way for new Network Marketing companies to create a buzz in the marketplace by using scarcity as a marketing ploy. once you understand that clearly, then you can take the next person that mentions they are in “Pre-launch" with a grain of salt.

Now is there such thing as “first mover advantage" when it comes to getting in on the ground floor of an opportunity, yes and no? The main advantage “getting in early" in my seventeen year history is that you start sooner and get out the gate sooner which may mean a few extra dollars and downline. The reality though is if the business is viable and in demand then it doesn't matter when you get in as long as you gt in.

no wto contrast the statement I made above, getting in a little later, in what is called the momentum stage which is usually when a company has 30,000 to 50,000 distributors and has worked out a lot of the bugs in their systems and product offerings. This is the phase just prior stage when new Network Marketing Companies hit what is called “Critical Mass". This in when the explosive, walk away income growth usually occurs in a new company.

That said, it is critically important for new Networkers to realize two things when they get started at first. Those two things are demand and time. In a nutshell, I am referring to the demand the product has in the marketplace and the time you personally have to promote your new Network Marketing Business.

High demand product/ opportunity with no time to build equals disaster and conversely, a low demand product/ opportunity with all the time in the world on your hands is just a bad. What I have found to be the answer for most people working a 9 to 5 and trying to break into the ranks of the work-from home crowd is an opportunity that is leveraged, primarily internet based and provides for some serious I'm ready to fire my boss" cash on the front end.

These opportunities are more commonly referred to as internet Network Marketing companies and rely heavily on online methods of customer acquisition and team building which has proven to be more viable than the hotel meetings and embarrassment and rejection of harassing your friends and family of old. Some, but not all New Network Marketing companies are leveling the playing field for average people that looking for a real opportunity to escape the “Rat Race".

Now You Can Discover Exactly What New Network Marketing Companies And Distributors Had Better Realize Before They Get Left In The Dust By A Wave Of New School Internet Millionaires!

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