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How to Get Your Upline to Listen to You and Build Your Network


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In network marketing, we must always face the following facts in business:

- We only have 24 hours in a day
- Most people will only want to work with the strongest upline
- Strong uplines will only work with downlines that bring results

Although most network marketing distributors acknowledge the fact that building a network marketing business is all about building their own business, you must also realize that due to a lack of time and resources, we have to learn how to leverage on your upline's resources.

As a matter of fact, if you can learn how to influence your upline into helping you, your downlines might even learn to take care of YOUR downlines for you (sidelines to them) even if there is no direct benefit for them.

Here are 3 ways you can gain your upline's attention:

(1) When you first join a network marketing company (or jump to a new one), bring in as many new people as you can within the first 2 weeks! It is sure to grab your upline leader's attention! Now this may seem like a no-brainer, but there is a method that most top networkers use to pull off this feat.

(2) Use a lead generation or marketing system to bring in leads on autopilot. Once you make initial contact with these leads, there comes a time that you will need to apply the personal touch to ‘close’ these leads into your network marketing business. This is where your upline comes in. They will not reject helping you when you are bringing in new people for your (or his) organization so while you are busy generating leads and sorting through your list, let your upline do all the dirty work.

(3) Don't go for meetings but still bring in new people everyday. Most uplines, when training their people, get annoyed when their downlines fail to turn up for opportunity meetings. This might brand you as some sort of renegade, but if you still bring in people in spite of not attending meetings, it will get your upline's attention easily because you are getting results in spite of not ‘following the system’.

Mike Dillard of the Magnetic Sponsoring system has taught many network marketing distributors how to use 21st century network marketing strategies to accomplish the methods above. This is how it works:

- Instead of building a down LINE, he builds a down LIST. His Magnetic Sponsoring system generates targeted leads and these leads will follow you anywhere in any company. So when you join a new network marketing company, you can impress your upline by getting all these people into your business right away.

- Magnetic Sponsoring's funded proposal system will help you to generate leads and make cash out of those leads. Not only do you pocket some nice side income, you get to generate so many leads on autopilot, you can overwhelm your upline with your good performance and they will focus most of their attention on you.

- This might go against the grain of what most network marketing establishments teaches but if you are willing to stop making cold calls, pester or harass your friends and relatives, and even stop attending ineffective hotel meetings, you will break out of this vicious cycle and start using a good marketing system like the funded proposal taught by Mike Dillard.

At the end of the day, you must learn to adapt towards using new strategies because network marketing is a constantly evolving business, where it is not the strong who survives but the quickest to adapt to a situation.

Magnetic Sponsoring is a course that teaches network marketing reps how to generate endless leads and cash flow for any network marketing business.

For a more in depth understanding about Magnetic Sponsoring, check out a preview of the contents of the Magnetic Sponsoring Book .


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