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A Review of the New Network Marketing Trend About to Reach 2 and a Half Billion

Brian Garvin

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There is a new trend hitting the internet called social network marketing. It is projected that social network marketing is going to make 2.5 billion in 2011. This article is going to look at the New Network Marketing trend to decide if there is validity in the statements.

According to 901am it is time that social network marketing fulfill the projections made by the media and companies. In other words it is time for the social network marketing to prove its worth. MySpace did a study to find out what is next and came up with a few answers. It seems that eMarketer among others have spent $900 million in 2007 on social network marketing. This New Network Marketing strategy increases because of two factors. First the revenue projections for facebook and the spending in the niche have increased the amount spent.

Facebook and other places like MySpace are creating social networks that businesses have begun to use as a way of marketing. This New Network Marketing strategy allows for more individuals to be reached on a direct method rather than getting into trouble with email lists and other practices that have been termed illegal. The amount spent last year is supposed to increase by 180% in the next four years. MySPace believes they can generate $525 million in the new year with the New Network Marketing strategy with face book coming in second with $125 million.

Of course the idea of reviewing the New Network Marketing trend is too see how it may really perform. There are already problems surfacing that the research by MySpace has shown. It seems there may not be enough interested consumers to support the New Network Marketing trend. It is also projected that not every company should try the New Network Marketing proposal. It seems that 901am believes the New Network Marketing is not going to survive for a lot of the businesses.

In other words consumers are already having issues with the marketing being flooded with social network marketing on sites where they just want to blog and chat rather than deal with advertisements. Many of the MySpace users and other sites like it have been seeing an over whelming negative response to the new marketing proposition. According to research with 901am and Clickz Experts the individuals using MySpace and other sites like it want a place to go for fun.

They see the social networking as a party crasher horning in on a market where they don't belong. For the research that has been done this is showing the projections may miss there mark. Instead of gaining consumers they may lose an overwhelming number.

Another factor paramount to Network Marketing Success is working with your down-line. They inevitably will be responsible for your check, so you need to make sure they have everything they need to get started. You also need to make sure that they are giving you all the leads you need, or at least show you where to purchase them. And then, the entire system you recommend to your downline has to be duplicatible.

It is also thought that not all businesses can pull off the social networking by trying to outsmart the consumer. So you may find that social networking isn't for your business based on this review and the research being completed. Make sure you have analyzed how it could hurt as well as help before you decide.

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