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GeneWize Has Launched - Why GeneWize is Leading the Wellness Industry


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Genewize is the first company to bring DNA-based customized nutrition to the market. This is a completely new market with a potential to become the next trillion dollar industry side by side with the food.

Nutritional products belongs to the area of wellness and well being which is an industry predicted to have a revenue of one trillion dollars in just a few years. In fact, top economist Paul Zane Pilzer, the man who defined the wellness industry in the 1990s, predicted in his book “The Next Trillion" (from 2001), that “by the year 2010, and additional $1 trillion ANNUALLY of the U. S. economy will be devoted to the wellness industry". He also predicts that there will be a company that are first to bring personalized nutrition to the market and this company will grow to become a giant in this new industry. I am very sure that this company is GeneWize. All of the predictions he made have not yet come true but they are well on their way and I believe they will in a near future.

GeneWize is right now exploding as a network marketing company and break record after record. When the company officially launched on August 1st, they had already attracted 5000 entrepreneurs and marketers into their affiliate program. And that was in just three months with out any kinds of advertising and they did not even have a proper company website to speak of.

These facts, together with the incredible product and science behind it make me believe that GeneWize will be leading the personalized wellness industry for many years to come.

For information about GeneWize Life Sciences and their products you can visit The Wellness Future

Dr Jon Alfredsson is a Ph. D. empowered entrepreneur and Internet marketer with a mission to help people create wealth and achieve their goals using cutting edge technology. You can get more information about Jon here:


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GeneWize - The Next Monavie?
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