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All MLM's Are Not Bad


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Internet Marketing Can Be a Lucrative and Rewarding Career.

Many people are proof positive of this!

MLM or Internet Marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way to earn a second income or to replace lost incomes from lay-offs, or to offset bad economic conditions. It is estimated that internet marketing will grow by 75% within the next few years and will be the number one way that companies promote their products. MLM's have gotten a bad rap in the past and there are so many schemes out there, how do you know that you are choosing the right one? Try to find a reputable company. You can do this by searching various forums on Google and seeing what people say about a particular company before you jump into it. Research, research, research.

Secondly, make your mind up once you find that right fit for you, that this is what you do and that you will be successful at doing it. This is the most important step! Next, Imagine your success into existence. Focus on your business and not the negative stuff in your life. Don't try to wish your way to success, strategize your way to success. Another important key is talk to successful people in your field and don't listen to the “poverty MINDED" people. Keep your eyes on the prize, be consistent and steady and you will achieve great things.

Mindset - Make a decision to succeed!

Have Faith - Have faith in yourself and KNOW that you will succeed.

Imagine your success into existence - Remember, the key is where your focus lies

Don't try to wish your way to success, strategize and plan.

You might be thinking to yourself, I just don't have the time to do something like this or the skills. Think about this, wouldn't you like to have more free time in your life? Wouldn't you like to be able to spend a few more hours a day at home or with the hubby, wife or kids? Here is what you ask yourself. How bad do I want a change in my life, my financial situation to change, more time for myself everyday? Rate each one of those questions on a scale of one to ten and think of little time takers in your life that you could conceivably give up. How much of your day is wasted? Start turning that time into productive time and you will see results. Don't give every spare moment of your time, just alot more of your non-productive time into productive time and you will see things in your life start changing.

Okay, now that you have given that some thought, you ask yourself the HOW question. How do I do this? Well your first step, as I said earlier, would be to find an opportunity that you might be interested in or a product that you feel strongly about that you would want to promote. Then RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! You can find forums on any given company in Google and believe me if the negatives are out there, then it will be posted! If you like what you are reading in the information that you are finding on your opportunity, then go for it. There are a variety of price ranges for business opportunities out there. You don't have to spend a fortune to go into business for yourself.

Next, find someone in your organization that has made it to the top and contact them and talk to them. Chances are you will find that they started the same way you are going to. They learned as they went along, made alot of mistakes along the way and slowly found the path that led them to success. They will be glad to share their experiences with you and to keep you from making the same mistakes.

Now comes the fun part! Getting your opportunity advertised and out there for people to see. I have done quite well with FREE advertising, such as credit based safelists (you will want to set up a g-mail account, specifically dedicated for this purpose, because you will be getting alot of e-mails) and free text ad exchanges. Alot of them will give you free solo ads and free credits to start. So, don't think that you are going to have tons of expenses to advertise. Search again on Google or other search engines for free advertising and you will find many ways to promote your home based business opportunity. Stay focused, consistent and you will find that over the next few months that your business will start to grow and before you know it, you will be earning a living that you would have never dreamed possible. “JUST STAY POSITIVE!"

Have fun and be successful!

Lisa Clayton

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I have dabbled in internet marketing for the past year now and got into it full time after I lost my full time job due to cut backs. I had been in GBG for about a week and it turned out to be the best move of my life. I made a decision that day that this would be my job and it has really turned out well for me. Not only do I now have the time to focus on my business, but I am seeing tremendous growth in my downline group. GBG has turned out to be the perfect business for me. For more information, you can see my opportunity at or you may visit my website at for a full explanation of the payplan offered by GBG.


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All MLM's Are Not Bad
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