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Xocai Healthy Chocolate - Scam Or Legit? - Get the Scoop on This Chocolate Business

Jason Warren Wieland

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Xocai is a relatively new division of MXI Corp that is based out of Reno, Nevada. Xocai markets several chocolate health products based on the ingredients of unprocessed cacao and acai berries. The products are said to deliver powerful antioxidants to the body. MXI corp has decided to market this product via the MLM or Network Marketing Model.

The business model or strategy employed by Xocai is quite sound. America's immense consumption of chocolate speaks for itself, and when you can prove that it is a healthy “vice", it makes for a very marketable product. This makes for a very powerful combination and could possibly be a home run for some network marketers.

There are opportunities to earn an income from Xocai and MXI Corp by becoming a Xocai Distributor. To become a Xocai Distributor there is an association fee of thirty five dollars. This is often referred to by distributors as the Xocai “club membership" fee. Upon successful payment of your club member fee, you can earn income in a variety of ways. The two major ways are 1) to buy the Xocai products at wholesale prices and then redistribute the product at retail value and 2) market the business opp and build a down line of distributors to earn a commission for each of their sales.

The Xocai MLM business opportunity was developed as a binary compensation plan. The program has a Maximum payout of 50% of total commissionable volume. You will earn commissions based on the total volume of your lowest producing leg. For instance, if your right leg has $3,000 in volume for that particular week, and the left leg has a total of $2,000 in weekly volume, you will receive a check based on the lefts leg volume of $2000. Given the fact that their are only two legs, a left and a right and the volume does not reset meaning if you don't qualify for it one week, it will remain there until you do this really makes it simple to build. You also get what is called a quick check of either $50 or $150 depending which level your new distributor has joined under.

I would say that starting and growing a Xocai home business could be a good opportunity if someone knows how to effectively use the telephone, the Internet, written word and other effective marketing tools. It's a real business, but like any other business, success will be determined by your skill-set. If calling people to discuss the business and your product turns you off then this probably isn't for you.

In conclusion, the MXI Corp. has developed some exciting products with their Xocai healthy chocolate line. The compensation plan is simple because it is a 2 leg binary and, by the way, who doesn't love chocolate?

About The Author:Jason Wieland is a successful internet marketer and works with some of the leading marketers in the industry. His goal is to help others achieve the success online that he has been able to obtain. To learn more about Jason Wieland and his team of Marketing Mentors Click Here


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