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Is Your Upline Telling You Everything?

Serena Zimmerman

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As its name would imply, multilevel marketing relies on an ascending and descending structure that comprises a network of marketers. However, many multilevel marketers have a tendency to become overly focused their subordinates in the network. While dealing with subordinates is important, it is also necessary to maintain a strong relationship with those above you in the market. Similarly, it is absolutely paramount members of this upline communicate effectively with those below them in order to strengthen the overall health of the network.

For those not familiar with the term, an “upline" refers to those above you in the multilevel marketing chain. The members of the upline will draw a commission from your earnings in the same way you draw commissions from those affiliates who work below you. In a way, multilevel marketing is a collaborative art. That is, those above you provide support in order to ensure your success. When all parties are successful then the network thrives and this is obviously a good thing. That is why it is critical your upline provides support in order to make sure you succeed. That is why you must make sure your upline is telling you everything in order to be successful.

On a baseline level, those in the upline should provide a supportive infrastructure to those in the chain below them. Depending upon the resources of the upline, this support can come in the form of training courses, videos, and other informational materials. This material is not the “be all, end all" of your training. It should provide the basis for further exploration and development. This comes in the form of questions/answers, feedback, and even one on one coaching from the upline.

It is important to note the quality of this support will always hinge on its depth. Now, depth should not be confused with volume. A one paragraph response to a query can be more helpful than a full page response. What matters is the quality of the response. But what is quality? Quality refers to helpful, clear, concise, and accurate information that can be put to use immediately. If a response follows these basic criteria then your upline is being helpful and free with information. However, if responses are vague, unclear, or lacking in depth then your upline may not be telling you everything.

If this is the case there is no reason to panic. There are tactics you can take to rectify the situation. In such an instance, it is important to request clarification on points that require fleshing out. If the follow up response is lacking is well then it is quite possible that your upline simply is not telling you everything you need to know to succeed. If this is the case then you may wish to reconsider your relationship and seek an organization that is more supportive to your venture. This will prove to be a more valuable option in your pursuit of multilevel marketing success.

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Network Marketing Failure - Is it Your Upline's Fault?
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