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Laser-Targeted Marketing With IBuzzPro Automatic Recruiter

Matthew Loop

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The competition in the world of MLM's is getting tougher each year as more people are drawn to the flexibility, freedom, and financial rewards that come from being their own boss. To set themselves apart from their competitors, high level business owners are looking toward innovative marketing solutions.

The emphasis is on effectiveness rather than cost, since anyone who has been successful with an MLM will tell you-the payoff for securing your target market is enormous. Some MLM owners have recently discovered Voice Broadcasting or Voice Blasting as a way to gain a bigger share of their market.

Traditional mass broadcasts have gone by the wayside in light of newer technologies. Many people are not interested in non-specific, impersonal calls. Telemarketing can be successful, but only when it is directed at specific, targeted prospects who have demonstrated and active interest in your product or service. If you attempt to contact a prospect before you've had a chance to deduce their level of interest, you may risk annoying them and thereby losing them as a client altogether.

One of the most cost-effective and useful ways to take advantage of voice broadcasting is through the use of iBuzzPro, a software solution that provides you with targeted lead lists. These lists contain the names and contact information of people who you are sure have demonstrated an interest in your product or service.

In the past, MLM's or home-based businesses paid a premium for mass voice broadcasting services. In addition to the service costs, there were additional per-minute charges, per-dial fees, and other costs.

iBuzzPro is about one-third the amount you would pay for a conventional bulk voice broadcasting campaign. Add to that the additional savings of not being charged for calls that fail to connect, or for calls placed against the DNC lists. Finally, because the software provides you with professional lead lists, you will save time by avoiding random cold calls to prospect who have little or no interest in your product or service.

For home based businesses, iBuzzPro is an excellent value. The software costs $500 with an additional $50 setup fee. After that there is a minor per month charge of $28. It is a simple process to install the software, with step-by-step instructions, on-demand webinars, and excellent customer support. You'll have complete instructions on how to create your campaign, including voice recording and scheduling the calls.

In my opinion, iBuzzPro is one of the best overall marketing options for a small business. The targeted leads and wide broadcast makes it an extremely beneficial alternative to traditional voice broadcasting, or other kinds of marketing campaigns. In fact, the quality of the service and the value it brings to the company using it makes it a viable option for larger, established businesses as well.

Affordable voice broadcasting coupled with highly focused leads can generate an enormous response. The initial cost of iBuzzPro is reasonable enough for small businesses to afford, but with results that will make you a force to be reckoned with in your market.

- Matthew J. Loop, DC

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