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4 Steps to Creating a Passive Residual Income Online


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The beauty of Residual income, is the fact that you do something once, then continually get paid, over and over again. Film stars and musicians do it, traditional multi level marketers have been doing it for years! But with the birth of the world wide web, this is all changing.

Now, anyone can build a passive residual income that can grow at an extraordinary and sometimes, alarming rate!

Creating a passive residual income is now easier than it ever has been. One of the great benefits of having your own residual income stream, is knowing how much money is coming in, month after month. Once you have a residual income stream, you can then set to work building and growing that monthly income.

1. The first obstacle to overcome, is finding a great product or service that sells. Ideally, find yourself multiple passive income streams. MLM companies have been building residual income streams for years, but the old ways (which I have never liked), are on the way out. Internet marketing allows you to get your message in front of hundreds, thousands, even millions of people, every day! There are certain things that everybody wants, MONEY, is one of them, so if you can show someone how to honestly and ethically build a successful business online, as long as they're not multi millionaires, they are going to be interested. As the great Zig Zigglar said, ‘Money isn't everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen!'

The internet allows people to make their own minds up. Get the information about your product or service on a website, drive people to the website and let THEM decide how good everything is. Gone are the days of upsetting all your family, friends and neighbours, you can talk to 1000 people in one day online, all on autopilot, you can see who's interested and don't worry about the people who are not.

2. Next, you need to have a sales funnel set up, that converts prospects into buyers. Some of the best offers will already have this in place. There are a thousand sales funnels that you can use to generate leads or prospects online, you could drive the people to a squeeze page, where you ask for their name and email in return for free information, this may be an ebook, video, audio, etc. You could also give people free access to a password protected website that gives great information, while at the same time, promotes your product or service.

3. Once you have the first 2 steps in place, you can get on with getting as many people as possible to your offer, every online business needs massive traffic (visitors) and it's a lot easier than most people make out.

There's articles, like this one, articles are like having lots of sales people out there, promoting your products or services, they could be used to drive people to a website, there's google pay per click advertising, with PPC (pay per click), you design a small ad, chose some relevant keywords, like, passive income, passive residual income, residual income opportunities, etc, then every time someone types in one of these keywords into google, you pay for your ad to appear on the first page of google, actually you only pay if they click on your ad.

Web 2.0 properties are all the rave at the moment, websites like squidoo, hubpages, weebly, wikidot, zimbio, etc. Yes, weird and wonderful names, but amazing marketing tools.

Lets not forget video and audio marketing, film or record once, add your website url to the video and recording, tag with relevant keywords, as in PPC, then upload to one of the many free resources like Youtube, and sit back and wait for traffic.

*HOT TIP* I suggest you concentrate on 2 or 3 techniques, master them before you even think about other traffic methods.

Obviously this is only a brief overview of a few ways of generating traffic to your offer, there are thousands of techniques.

4. REPEAT step 3, over and over again and very soon, you will have your own, cash generating residual income business, that will continue to grow, month after month.

Linden Huckle is the owner of

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