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Internet MLM - Relationships Still Count


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The power of the internet can be accessed by anyone for free now a days, especially those in MLM. But according to surveys, free internet advertising is still not nearly as effective as referrals from someone you know or a family member. In fact 80% to 90% of everyone in MLM comes in by referrals they trust. It's a huge percentage, but it does not surprise me. It seems that most everybody prefers to follow a trusted source. In fact, if the information doesn't come from a friend, the probability of them seeing it through go down quickly.

Therefore, to ensure the largest probability of successful results in network marketing, you must have a source of people to speak with that you can build a know, like and trust relationship with. It's not uncommon for many MLMer's to start with no group at all. As you can imagine, that's not the optimum situation. You will soon realize that you must BUILD a network or you won't ever achieve your MLM goals. Some people see it as the same idea as stocking a pond with fish. Everyone knows that you have a much better chance of catching fish in a re-stocked pool.

With network marketing, people you have built a relationship with actually count as your “fish. " And you certainly don't build that relationship with them by trying to sell them something. Instead you must interact with them and, ideally, present them with something that meets their needs, something of value. After a relationship is built, offering them something else would be acceptable. Learn their goals and how they are most comfortable achieving them. Then give them a way to succeed.

The best way to build trust with your group is to help them get what they want. Genuine friendships will develop and they will trust your lead. Again, if you never create a network of people who know, like and trust you, how can you succeed in network marketing or any endeavor?

Have you given much thought to who the exact right people to build your organization might be? It's an important question to ask yourself. These are the individuals you must target. There are many potential markets to select from. Professional direct mailers have studied the most effective strategies of targeting the very best prospects to spend their money and time on. In the mailing business, it is very costly to commit an error when mailing.

The most successful direct mailers will tell you that what brings them the highest returns is not the actual piece they've circulated - but it's WHO they sent the piece to. As unusual as it may sound, the greatest predictor of future sales is past sales of the same type of product. It sounds crazy but it's true. Highly successful professional mailers ONLY spend their time and resources mailing to people who have bought the very same (or similar) product in the past.

What makes this group of names so special? Why does this system work so well? It's because you're targeting a person who has identified themselves already as a purchaser of the exact product you're selling. And this further explains why the general public does NOT make an ideal group of prospects. By directing their efforts at the right target, these pro's wildly increase their chances of success.

A highly successful veteran of network marketing wrote an e-book several years ago which outlines the reasons why so many never seem to get their MLM businesses off the ground. The ideas touched on in this article are discussed in more detail and the truth becomes clearer as you read the book.

It seems that the odds are stacked against the majority of people who seek network marketing opportunities. Large numbers of MLMer's are trying to build part-time businesses to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, many companies create compensation plans that unfairly compensate only those at the top and withhold profits from the entry-level majority (about 99% of company reps). After all, people are drawn to the 6-figure and 7-figure paychecks generated by the few top achievers.

But what most people looking into network marketing don't realize is that there is only a certain amount of money to divide. The larger the percentage that the major players get, the less there is for everyone else who's left. Luckily compensation plans do vary. If you're serious about building your internet MLM business you must read the classic MLM e-book discussed above.   It's packed with concepts that you'll be able to take advantage of right away. It may give you insight into how to really make your MLM relationships count.

At you'll discover why your lack of success in network marketing is NOT your fault. After all, if you don't have a database before you get started in Network Marketing, then you don't have a chance at real success. Why not use the famous ebook “Success In 10 Steps" by Michael Dlouhy. After years on the market and a ton of dowloads, this ebook is now a staple which many MLMers use as an effective lead-generator to build their businesses.


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