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Network Marketing Success - Lead by Example For Real Success

Donna Abreu

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In network marketing, it is essential for you to lead by example, as opposed to telling people what you expect them to accomplish. People don't like being told what to do all the time, especially by someone who doesn't practice what they preach!

Lead by example, not by telling people what to do. If you really want to be an effective leader, then let your actions show it. You will go much farther in gaining respect from your business partners, team members, peers, subordinates or managers if you follow this mantra.

This is my philosophy for parenting as well as for my network marketing businesses.

Our children's behavior for the most part is an expression of what they live and experience. So when they are real young, well, that means they learn it from us parents! So when our children misbehave, experts suggest we take a hard look at ourselves and how we interact with the people around us, because we are who they are modeling.

So in a nutshell, to be a better parent, you must first work on yourself and your relationships with your spouse and your children and loved ones. Then as you become a better person, watch, and your children will magically change their behavior for the positive!

Whether it's parenting or leading business partners, you'll be much better off if you model the desired behavior.

Have you ever been told to follow a rule that has been broken by the very person enforcing that rule? It's no fun, and it sure doesn't encourage me to follow that rule the next time around.

As a business leader, I try to model the desired behavior of my business partners. If I want them to attend meetings on a regular basis, then I make sure that I attend those meetings too.

If I want them to meet a deadline, then I make sure that I have completed my end of the deal on time as well.

In network marketing this becomes particularly important. It's too easy for your downline to disengage and lose interest in building their business. It's in your best interest as a sponsor to take action yourself.

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