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Genewize - How Does Mindset and Energy Influence Your Success With Genewize?

Jenn Lawlor

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Mindset and energy are critically important to your success in Genewize. . . and in life. In the next two minutes, I'm going to share with you EXACTLY how to examine both in your own life so you can eliminate what isn't working and focus on what does.

First, let's define Mindset and Energy.

Mindset: The way you approach life. A positive mindset is apparent in people who approach challenges from a place that says - “I can do this. I might not know how, but I know I can learn. . . and succeed"

Energy: The subtle flow that emanates from you at all times. There are positive energies and negative energies. We can influence both by our mindset and belief systems. Positive energy is experienced in LOVE, negative in HATE.

So what does this mean in network marketing, and Genewize in particular?

Well, what I've found is that there are two camps of people - those that succeed in network marketing and those that don't. Over and over again, I see similar qualities of mindset and energy in both.

Success - Positive mindset, positive energy. These people are generally super fun to be around and attract people to them like flies. They emanate success.

Failure - Negative mindset, negative energy. These people are generally complainers, they look outside themselves and blame others for their lack of success, they want a better life for themselves but they don't BELIEVE in their ability to succeed.

The good news is. Both can be worked on and is WHY network marketing has been referred to as

"a self-development course disguised as a business".

If you love to work on yourself or just plain WANT to improve yourself. . . . you can do it!

And you absolutely can. . . Learn from a team of mentors who has developed both - positive mindset and energy.
We've put together a free report for you here:

From Jenn Lawlor - The Marketing Magnate.


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