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How to Easily Build Free MLM Leads For Product Sales and Recruitment


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One of the main reasons that 98% of network marketers fail is that they run out of cash, partly because they haven't sold product, and partly because the expenses involved in running their MLM business are just too great and they simply cannot afford to continue!

If you focus on finding sales and recruitment leads as I explain below, you'll be able to cut your costs to shreds and enjoy great cashflow at the same time.

Here are some suggestions for recruitment leads:

  • Firstly don't pay for leads. You cannot BUY a relationship. If you want people who are going to work well with YOU and have the best chance of succeeding, they need to have been attracted to YOU personally.
  • Join a “non-denominational" free support site for network marketers, not sponsored by any particular MLM company so you know the advice is totally objective. This site should help you to attract leads of all kinds and if they are “on the level" will not ask for money for paid products before absolutely proving to you that their free products produce income for YOU. DON'T buy a thing until they prove it to you first! These types of sites are fast becoming THE sites that people go to when they are interested in going into network marketing.
  • Attend highly motivational seminars or personal development programs. The people that you tend to meet at these events are likely to be more like you, already a lot more motivated and ambitious than most of the population. Any number of these people could be your business colleagues, could be interested in your blog, might like to try your product, and might even like to join you on your team. (Just don't arrogantly assume that they are your captive audience, or that they'd have to be crazy to reject your offer. That attitude is unprofessional, and turns people right off!)
  • Other network marketing companies. Join their opportunity talks or rallies. You will get to know many like-minded people at those types of events and they will be more than happy to be your friend because they want to get you into their opportunity. You can sort and filter which are the people you want in your network later on. If your convincing power is very good, you might bring over an entire network of distributors over, especially if they can see that the support you offer can guarantee better results for them. The best way to approach this is from a desire to peer-network and learn from each other. After all, you may find that another opportunity is better suited to you than your current company (and of course your current company is not going to tell you THAT!).

Here are Some Suggestions for Sales Leads:

Remember that your first task is to locate and engage with your target market. So you need to know who they are, where they are, and what their burning needs are which relate to your product.

Literally, you need to have a data base of consumers and potential consumers for your product/s.

Remember that your best recruits will be customers who love the product, who have an intense interest in the particular problem/s the product is designed to solve, and who show themselves to be self-starters.

If you are communicating with your data base as you should be, consistently, persistently, personally and SKILLFULLY, you will sell product and you will recruit downlines.

Here are some great ideas which anyone can follow, especially if they get free help from their 3rd-party support site to do so!

  • First here's a “don't". If your product is skin care, don't bother offering free facials. People know the game and they don't like it. Keep the game clean by maybe offering INEXPENSIVE facials and rather than asking people to buy, have your products clearly displayed with price tags. People feel better about this type of transaction because they don't feel that they're being manipulated into indebtedness, and are more likely to buy. When they do, just say something like “Yes, I KNEW you'd feel the difference" with a big smile, and take their order.
  • Develop a simple web site which at least has a blog on it that people (potential consumers) can sign up to. Make the topic one which is of burning interest to your target market so that not only will they interact with you, but they'll tell their friends and family and encourage them to join as well. As people come to know and like you, and trust you as an expert in this area, they'll be very comfortable about acting on your recommendations. This is definitely one of the things your free support site should help you with, holding your hand all the way if necessary!
  • It's a little bit like the principle of this article. You're reading this and getting a sense of the type of person I am, and some idea of the depth and breadth of my knowledge in areas that could be helpful to you. If you enjoy that then you'll most likely want more personalized free help to put everything here into action. And all of that allows you to prove to yourself whether or not you'll get value from my paid products.
  • There are just so many scams and scammers out there that this is the way marketing has to be done now. You've got to first prove yourself as an honest and valuable provider of a “solution" before asking anyone to hand over a cent. And that's a good thing.
  • When it comes to claiming that you can help people make money, you actually have to demonstrate that for free first. Only when people discover that they can make $$$ out of your advice, will they start to pay for it, with absolute confidence that they will recoup it fast and come out ahead.
  • This is the “pull" method of selling versus the “push" method of selling, and believe me it is far more effective.
  • Focus on developing a customer base by servicing them through the product. Focus on solving their problems with the product. Even if you have to spend a lot of time to build rapport with the customer, remember that when the customer sees fantastic results from your product, they will sell for you willingly. A satisfied customer's testimonial is very powerful. Repeat sales from the satisfied customer (and the people around them) will ensure a consistent cash flow.
  • BARTER TRADE your company's product with networkers from OTHER companies! If you have loads of stock from your company (either through purchasing in bulk or from your auto-ship), chances are, there are networkers in other companies who are more than willing to trade with you since they have loads of stock also. With new types of stock in your hand, you are able to tap into other markets and build rapport with them so you can introduce them to your main opportunity. (If my company only sells cosmetics and no supplements, I can find a networker in the supplement line and exchange products to tap the supplement market. )
  • Join RELEVANT affiliate programs online that generate cash flow if you are nternet savvy. Find affiliate programs that let you participate for a very low cost or free. Remember the principle that you want to generate cash flow and help other people solve their problems. This puts you in a position to once again, build rapport with your potential prospects and generates you leads. For example (using cosmetics again) you could find that there is an excellent book, “Look Like a Supermodel with Just 3 Brushstrokes", for example, that you can promote as an affiliate and maybe pick up $20 for every one of them you sell. You can write a review of it on your blog and then give your affiliate link to send your readers (your customer data base) to buy it. If you search your area of interest on ClickBank you'll find lots of products like this that you can also sell to your data base of clients and potential clients (and once again, your free 3rd-party support site will hold your hand to step you through this process). But keep it RELEVANT and recommend only items of the highest quality, directly related to your target market, or you'll end up looking like a circus, and losing credibility with the very people whose trust you're working to earn.

    For instance the big bonus that I give away with one of my free books on MLM is the best free advertising encyclopedia I've seen, yet in my opinion it does have a serious flaw. So I still recommend you grab it, but at the same time, as you'll see, I do my best to warn you about the part that I think isn't in your best interests.

  • Give away free information on network marketing (there are lots of free or low cost e-books or viral marketing tools around the net) or write free articles on your products and post them to your friends, associates or a subset of your customer list. For example: If you are in the health industry, write (or interview an expert) an article about general health issues or health supplements that will give your potential prospects awareness on their health and when they are curious they will ask you for more information. You can share your product with them afterwards.
  • Create videos showing your product in use and upload them to YouTube, with a link back to your site.
  • Become known as an expert in solving the problem that your product is designed to solve, and then offer yourself as a speaker to groups. There are many groups that meet for breakfasts, for example, that are always in desperate search for new speakers and if your “gig" is interesting or entertaining, you'll quickly become hot property!
  • Hold “events" yourself that are essentially demonstrations or presentations, but be careful with these because they'll fade out fast if they don't EXACTLY meet people's needs or if you turn them into sales spiels. You need to have a theme which people care deeply about, and it has to be interesting enough that they want to come back month after month for, and bring all their friends with them. For example if your product is along the lines of ecologically-sound gardening products, you could start a garden club that met monthly and had a speaker. It should not be about the “opportunity" but about solving people's problems. If you will only focus on solving people's problems instead of focusing on your product or opportunity, the product and opportunity will take care of themselves.
  • Finally, your most enthusiastic clients have the potential to be your most high-performing recruits. As I said above, don't push your clients to join you, just REALLY service them through your products and do everything within your power to build fantastic rapport with them, and get to know them on a personal level. When they say things like “You must love your work" or “Your company really understands", you DON'T say “Yes, so why don't you join?" You just smile and say “I sure do!" or “They're the greatest. " and maybe leave a booklet about joining, stamped with your details. Let THEM ask YOU. This might seem strange, but believe me there is ENORMOUS payoff in doing it in this UNDER-STATED way.

I hope that's been helpful to you, and would love to hear how you've actioned these tips to get your own great results!

Christine is the author of the free book “How to Be Successful at Network Marketing Without Risking Debt, where you can read much more about free mlm leads as well as get free network marketing training for yourself and your downline.


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