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Network Marketing Success - Motivation is NOT the Answer

Lisa Young

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Time and again, young leaders ask me my secret to motivating my teams. Do I use special incentives? Do I give gifts or lavish lots of praise? What's the secret to motivating your direct sales teams to success and consistent performance?

There are several, but the number one secret is to stop recruiting people that need to be motivated.

Now, don't get mad! You know it's true. The more work you have to do to get people to perform the more work you'll be doing. As Network Marketing professionals, we are taught to “talk to everyone" and “recruit, recruit, recruit" in order to start seeing our bonus checks grow. But you can recruit 100 new consultants, and if they don't perform consistently, your check never grows.

Get picky. I know this is hard to say if you're brand new, or only have one recruit, but you have to think about the fact that you're running a business. Do you really want to rely on “anyone with a pulse" to grow your family's financial future? Does Wal-Mart hire just any old Joe off the street to be Chairman of the Board? Hardly. If you take your business seriously, you should take your recruiting seriously, too.

In the short term, it means fewer recruits. In the LONG term, it means more consistent, predictable performance from your sales force - and larger bonus checks over time.

You can't motivate anyone into action. You can inspire them, but inspiration can sometimes be very short lived. Motivation comes from within. So what kind of recruits should you be “hiring" into your business?

People with whom you want to work.

You know your personality better than I do. You know the kind of people you enjoy spending time with, learning and growing from. Instead of enrolling “just anyone" onto your personal team, consider making the sacrifice to invest in only the most compatible people for your personal team. These are people you will train and mold and help grow into leaders. You will be spending many hours with them over the course of the years they work with you. Life's too short to not make those hours enjoyable.

Ask the right questions.

During a recruiting interview, be sure to ask lots of questions. According to Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser, the person asking all the questions is in control. While it's important to answer the questions a potential recruit might have, you need to maintain control and tempo of the interview, and ask questions that help you determine if this potential recruit is a good fit for your team.

Design your dream team before you start recruiting.

Know what kinds of things you'd like to have in your potential recruits. Set the bar high, and don't settle for anything less. Tell your recruits your expectations for time commitment, show commitment, sales and recruiting commitments. If they don't believe they can meet those expectations, they never will, and you should disqualify them.

But what about the people that don't make the cut?

Let them go. . . to someone else on your team! Chances are good that if you have even a handful of recruits on your team, there is SOMEONE in your organization that will be a better match for this recruit. Consider using the following language:

"Jane I appreciate your interest in our company, but I don't think we'd work together well. However, I have a business partner that might be a better match, would you be interested in meeting with them?"

Ultimately, if you hire people that need their hand held all the time, you will spend your days holding hands instead of growing your business.

It's a blunt answer to a frequently asked question, but it works. When I select someone for my team, very rarely do they leave. I'm picky because I want to enjoy working with my team mates, and I want them to enjoy working with me. When you set this method in motion, you'll find you get more enjoyment out of working with your team, and that more of your recruits will become productive, happy friends.

Tired of trading hours for money, Lisa Young gave up her 8 to 5 for a direct sales career that now spans over 11 years. Lisa's blog, Real Life Marketing, reveals the realities of what it takes to be successful in the eyes of your customer, using real-life examples you can learn from today. You can visit Real Life Marketing at

Unlike other industry writers, who left direct sales to pursue speaking careers, Lisa is still in the trenches, running her direct sales business and leading her teams to success. Her book, Home Party Solution is a step-by-step method to harness the internet to boost bookings, sales and recruits. Read the first chapter free and subscribe to the weekly business boosting e-zine, “PartyOn!" at


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