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Network Marketing 7 Undisclosed Reasons Why 97% of Network Marketers Do Not Succeed


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Did you know that nearly all people who embrace network marketing as a vocation fail to make much money from it? Actually, studies put the failure rate at ninety seven per cent. This means that only three out of a hundred aspiring network marketers are successful.

Are you curious who comprise this three percent? Network marketers who have spent time doing a lot of hard work also have been known not to have succeeded. Some newbies to network selling have become very successful with their first initiatives, and belong to that three per cent.

The first reason is not knowing whom to sell to. Can everyone be a possible customer, who will buy your products? Should this indicate that there is practically no limit to the extent of the market? Is it possible to woo this section that is amenable only to internet sellers? What effort is required to obtain the prospective customer's interest?

The next reason is not being aware whether internet marketing deals with sales or deals with sharing. Can sharing be of more use in increasing the size of your concern rather than selling? Is sharing, compared to selling an exclusive way of positioning your goods in the hope of winning customer loyalty? Is it possible for sharing to generate customer loyalty that selling cannot? Do you have to see beyond your friends and acquaintances to get prospective buyers for your products?

The 3rd Reason is not distinguishing whether everybody and anybody is capable of network marketing. Does everyone have certain inherent traits that are necessary for the requirements of network marketing? Is ordinary salesmanship a concern at all in internet marketing? Do other issues count that decide your success in selling on the net?

The fourth reason revolves around the undertaking of the people who promoted MLM to “build the business for you". . . Can they fulfill this guarantee? How helpful are mechanized systems in marketing? How soon can you start earning if a third party built your business on your behalf? Is this the secret to success that internet marketers have discovered, sooner than others?

The 5th reason correlates to being unsure if a marketing plan is required if you have the most superior product in the marketplace? On the other hand, can a good marketing plan persuade people to buy an awful product?

The next reason is not knowing whether or not people could sell much more, if only they were more motivated. Assuming you have all the enthusiasm that one can have, what else would you need? Assuming you have other things to aid you , would you have to be spurred on to sell? Supposing you had both of these, in what amounts should they be present for you to succeed in internet selling?

The 7th reason is not being sure if having ‘proven products’ is all you need. Will an established product mean one that everyone wants? Does it mean a willing audience waiting for you to tell them to buy it? Is there something else you need to do to persuade them? Can you convince the people to purchase your established product even if they were reluctant in the beginning?

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Why does network marketing sound so good in theory. . . yet never seem to play out that way in practice? After many many months of researching and chasing people for advice, John P. Frank decided to embark on a mission to try to map out a simplified set of building blocks to be leveraged by those seeking success in the world of Network Marketing, at:


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In Network Marketing, You Succeed By Helping Others Succeed
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