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Is Your MLM Upline a Fake?

Joe LoBalsamo

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Today were going to talk about MLM upline leaders and mentors that teach the people they recruit on how to build a successful network marketing business.

When I first got started in this wonderful industry I thought my MLM upline coach was the best. He was a great person and what he taught was what I thought was the only way to build a network marketing organization.

Some of the concepts was to build that list of friends and family and do home & hotel meetings. Now I approach my warm market and recruited no one. I wasn't surprised since I knew how skeptical my family was.

The next thing I did was some home meetings for some distributors I recruited locally. I did see some success with that but that really was not the way I wanted to build my business.

Then I asked my upline what else is their? Thats when he introduced me to buying leads from lead companies & make cold calls. I did very well with this method but I found out after two years that this cold calling method was not easy at all for my team to duplicate.

Then I stopped building my business and started researching other ways to build my business. During my research I found out that the traditional methods are not easy for most people that join
network marketing to duplicate.

I learned the most important lesson that took my business to success and that was marketing. Marketing is critical when it comes to building your business. Their is no need to chase leads down looking to recruit them. Why do that when you can have your prospects chase you down instead?

My point is just because what your upline my teach you works for them, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Your upline is a guide and thats all. Most people get emotionally attached to their MLM upline and this causes most people in our industry to fail.

It took me to be a leader and separate myself from my upline to find what really works when it comes to build a successful network marketing business. This is what you must do if you want to see success. Find the right people and systems to use that will achieve your success.

And remember that marketing is what you should be learning!

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Network Marketing Failure - Is it Your Upline's Fault?
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