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For the Successful Home Business Entrepreneur There is No Plan B!

Mitch Hayes

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I was having a discussion a while back with a good friend and very successful member of my Home Business Opportunity, his name is Martin. We were talking about motivation, selling out, doing whatever is necessary to succeed in an MLM business. I asked him what had made him so successful and his reply almost bowled me over in it's simplicity, yet it was such a powerful motivator that it became a defining moment in my Home Business career, in my life, even. “Mitch, " he said, “it's because there is No Plan B. " For a moment, I was speechless. What he said hit me like a ton of bricks! What power, what insight was contained in those simple words. He's right, you know. For me, for many of us in this industry, an MLM Business Opportunity is our one shot at creating a secure financial future. For whatever reason, lack of planning, calamity, sickness, poor financial decisions, we have no other means with which to build enough wealth to retire securely and comfortably.

At that moment, the epiphany that exploded in my mind, defined me and set me upon a course not unlike Cortez when he came to the “New World. " After they had landed and before they set out in search of the great wealth they believed to be here, he commanded his men to “burn the ships. " Why did he give such an unusual and certainly radical command? It left them with no Plan B. They were sold out! They were committed! They had to be, there was no going back. I can just imagine the look in the eyes of his men, the thoughts that had to be running through their minds, a mix of fear, uncertainty and anticipation of what was to come. For me, there is also no going back. There are not enough years nor is there enough strength left in this 54 year old body to do it the old fashioned way, work hard, invest, save, etc. My personal situation is not unlike many of you, I would imagine. Life has dealt me enough curves, some of which I dealt myself, I might add, so that I have no savings, no investments, not enough in retirement, pension plan, to survive on, let alone live the “good life. " And I don't want to wind up a Wal Mart greeter, or bag boy in some grocery store at 65 years of age. Not even!

No, this is it for me. It is my one and only plan, my one and only course of action, my one and only means with which to secure my financial independence and freedom. In one of the many forums in which I spend a good deal of time, we were discussing our “why. " One reason people fail in a Home Based Business is because their “why" is not strong enough and when the tough times come, and trust me, tough times WILL come, they give up. Well, this is a major component of my “why. " If this doesn't work for me, nothing will. So, to quote that famous movie line, it's "damn the torpedo's and full speed ahead!" It's sell out, give my all, whatever it takes, I will do, because there is No Plan B. Sure, I want to get completely out of debt. Sure, I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Sure, I want to have a legacy to leave my kids, when I am gone. But those motivators, powerful as they can be, pale in comparison to the realization that, the ships are burned, the old world is an ocean away, my future is in my hands, No One Else's. It's succeed or else. I'm not being melodramatic here, it's the absolute truth.

Fortunately for me, and for many of you in the same boat, oh, i forgot they were burned, just kidding. As i was saying, fortunately for all of us, MLM is a great industry! We truly are in control of our own destiny, our own financial security, our own financial future. I'm thankful that there is no “Plan B. " If there were, I would have been tempted to give up, quit, because contrary to what many people believe, an MLM Business Opportunity is not easy. It's simple, unbelievably and amazingly simple, but it's not easy. It requires resolve, a thick skin, determination, commitment. It requires a strong enough “why!" So, in the words of Cortez, i say "BURN THE SHIPS!" Leave yourself No Plan B! It will change your whole approach to your Home Business. It will change your heart, give you the strength to go on in the face of all the doubters, Nay Sayers, critics, self professed pundits who will try to tell you to just get a job, take the easy way, MLM doesn't work, or whatever they are saying that has you spooked. The truth is, MLM does work! It always has and always will. More and more fortunes today are created by owning a Home Based Business than by any other means, and those fortunes are being created by ordinary average people with a dream and a strong enough “why!" They have burned their ships, they are going for broke, they refuse to give up and they have No Plan B!

Mitch Hayes is an Online Entrepreneur affiliated with Automaticbuilder, Nutronix and The Berry Tree. Prior to this, Mr. Hayes has more than 30 years experience as a Critical Care Pediatric Respiratory Therapist. He has been able to apply the considerable teaching and people skills necessary to succeed in that profession to the operation of his successful Home Based Business and the training of his downline distributors.

Mitch is also owner and author of “The Online Home Business Answer, " a Home Business Resource Blog whose mission is to assist online business professionals in marketing their businesses with Excellence and Integrity.


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