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The Top 10 Reasons Why Internet Network Marketing is Helping Thousands Succeed in MLM


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With the current U. S. economy, thousands of people are turning to MLM, Network or Affiliate Marketing as a source of additional income. Some are still marketing the old way - names list, buying leads, weekly meetings - and that's fine if it's working for you. But others are turning to the internet as a new resource for their networking efforts.

Internet marketing the old way meant paying for leads through one of the many on line companies that supply “targeted leads" who have expressed an interest in starting a home-based business. After you rework the household budget, you realize its summer break and spend what would have been the kid's lunch money on a lead package. You wait for your leads to arrive, build up your nerve to call them, leave several messages for most of them, and then hope and pray that at least five of them will buy your product or join you in your business so you can at least break even.

Or maybe you take that money and spend it on an advertising campaign on Yahoo or buy some Pay Per Click Ads at Goggle. Both are effective marketing tools, if you have the funds and the right training and guidance. If you go this route, you must understand that it cost you money every time someone clicks on your ad. So, whether they are serious prospects, just curious onlookers or a three-year-old who just figured out how to use Mommy's computer, you'll pay for each click.

After 13 years of hit and miss success, both on line and offline, I finally reached the point where I was frustrated enough to research internet marketing to learn which systems are right for both the newbie and the experienced marketer. Yes, the internet can be a tremendous source of prospects for your new or existing business, if you know what to do and where to go. There are several programs out there that offer training. Some are free, some are monthly memberships, some cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars. Whatever price range you find yourself in, there is a marketing technique you can use to join the thousands of internet marketers who have learned to succeed.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons why it works and what you want any program to allow you to do:

  • Build Your Own Prospects List
  • Get Paid by Your Prospects as You Build Your List
  • Attract People to Your Network Marketing Business (they contact you instead of you chasing them)
  • Offer A Wide Variety of Internet Marketing Techniques and Solutions - Old and New
  • Automate the Initial Follow-Up Process - to weed out tire kickers
  • Follow A Proven System That Allows You To Close More Sales
  • Participate in either Live or Recorded Training Sessions
  • Contact A Real-Live Person when you have questions
  • Spend More Time on Money Making Activities
  • Offer the same Successful System to those who join your business
I've struggled in several different programs for years by trying to “duplicate" the personalities of various leaders. I finally realized that we all have our own strengths. Some people are very good at cold calling. Others are recruiting magnets. Still others can sell anything to anyone. My belief in the product or service was always strong. In fact, I still use some of them today. But I now understand that people can't be duplicated and I needed to use a different approach. Marketing on the internet gives me the ability to find interested people to talk to. The system I use lets them qualify themselves - and sometimes sell themselves - before I ever speak with them.

Whether you're new to Internet Marketing or have been at it for a while, these top 10 reasons should be mandatory for any program to deserve your consideration. The technology is already there. All you need to do is put it all together and use it to your advantage.

Val Smith-Fulcher has joined with The Renegade University to show other network marketers how to build their prospects list online, while getting into cash-flow quickly. Learn with step-by-step video tutorials and explanations that any internet marketer - from novice to techie - can follow. Sign up for the FREE Tour of the University.


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How To Succeed in Network Marketing.
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