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Home Business Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts and Results


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When I first started my website, my whole goal was to create a site where people can come and get the latest and greatest information available today on the internet, which would allow them the opportunity to grow and build massive businesses for fun and profits.

Over the years I've studied many books, cds, trainers, etc. and I have realized that if anybody ever wants to create everlasting results they better be willing to put forth the time, and other resources, in order for them to achieve results n life. For some reason, many entrepreneurs feel they deserve success. We'll I'm here to tell you that 90% don't deserve success if they are not willing to put forth the energy both financially, risk, and time wise.

Who are these clowns that go around attempting to get everything for free, yet, they expect to build massive business for massive wealth? In fact, if you do home businesses the next time you talk with a “motivated person" that talks a big game about how they are going to do this and that and make all this money, ask for the money to start that business, and I will guarantee they make up some excuse of why they can't get started today; or, they say they don't have the money. You'll recall this article and just laugh your rear end off.

The great Jim Rohn says, “Who is this clown that brings his need, but doesn't bring the seed. "
Success in any business, regardless of the industry, is a process and not a destination. It's about you making the time commitment and money commitment towards your education on mindset, communications, and marketing. Believe me; I have put in my dues. I have risked everything I own and have and will continue to do so because I refuse to live a life of shame and regret under someone else's ego my whole life.

You must have the attitude that will push you forward in tough times. If you work a job, you better not be the one the goes home and watches T. V. and tells everyone you're around that you're tired. These are excuses. Trust me I know what it's like to be in combat and not sleep for 3 days and go full speed for 18 hours a day. I don't recall even then me telling anybody I was tired. I talk with my friends and family some of the first things they say is, “You work too much" or “Have you made any money?" These kinds of questions are weak minded. Go tell Donald Trump, Oprah, Bill Gates, Sam Walton that they work too much. You would get slapped even if it was family. When great entrepreneurs are on the rise they tend to not make much money if any while they are learning.
NOTE: Did doctors and Lawyers make much money while they were learning? NO. Did Doctors and Lawyers invest several thousand dollars on their education to learn the skills that someday would make them tons of cash? YES.

It's time to wake up and go after your dreams. There is no reason you have to be left behind or just settle in life. I understand if you want to do nothing but work in life that's fine, however, you deserve to have more to your life.

If you want a better life go get it; even if it takes several thousand bucks and hours of your time. Don't give into the traditional societal ways. Get tough, be tough and hang around like minds.

Brian Zimmerman is a top leader in the home business industry. He is known for developing top producers and leaders. His last venture he assisted top infomercial company increase profits by over 300% in less than a year earning well over 1.5 million a week. To schedule an interview with Mr. Zimmerman call 1 303 618 3458. For information on his latest endeavor go to


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