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Renegade Network Marketing Versus Magnetic Sponsoring and Building a Successful Online MLM Business


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For a struggling network marketer determined to find another way to “do" this business I grabbed the information from Magnetic Sponsoring like blow flies to a dead cow. I devoured it with grateful relief realising that there is more to this business of MLM than exhausting your warm market lists and hammering down those poor people in the malls who couldn't care less about your business opportunity. That was my first exposure to my determination in finding another way and using Google to provide me with a solution. Having read and re-read Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard I've acquired the knowledge that to be truly successful in this network marketing industry you have to place yourself as an “alpha" leader, one that leads his pack of followers to achieving their dreams of success. Of course this isn't achieved overnight, one doesn't simply wake up one morning as a leader with a changed mindset and an abundance mentality. It takes skill, experience, education and time and I believe Magnetic Sponsoring is the entree to the main course. Magnetic Sponsoring offers anybody the opportunity to understand the concept of attraction marketing and having prospects coming to you as a leader and you deciding whether you want to provide them with solutions and leading them to the next phase of their journey. For the cost of a T-shirt I think the Magnetic Sponsoring book is a necessary core unit in your degree of marketing. If you don't get anything out of it the first time then you need to re-read it again and again.

Hungry for more information I somehow stumbled upon Ann Sieg's 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing and this in my opinion was the icing on the cake. The information revealed in this great e-book were the alarm bells of recognition that reassured me why I knew I was failing miserably in this industry. It confirmed to me that everything my company was telling us to do was like a lamb to the slaughter, I wasn't actually offering any value to anybody because nobody really cared and of course I proved that. Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketer was also a revelation and in comparison with Magnetic Sponsoring which specifically focuses on being an alpha leader and the concept of attraction marketing, bringing people to you, in the Renegade Network Marketer E-book Ann focuses on the frustrations and challenges of the old school method of marketing more in depth as well as the attraction marketing model for running a home based business.

My personal opinion I wouldn't be without either of these books. Both of these marketing entrepreneurs have pioneered attraction based marketing, I think Ann Sieg tends to focus on the negative side of old school marketing for those marketers out there that are failing and looking for solutions. She just seems to recognise the failing networkers’ problems and of course provides them with the answers they are looking for, while Mike Dillard's skill at changing one's mindset from a follower to a leader ignites a new hunger for success.

These two resources are only the starters on the menus. After the Renegade Network Marketer the next step is embarking on the Renegade University. I totally recommend this for a computer novice or anyone intimidated by computers and the internet which often leads to your distributor freezing out of action. I am so grateful for the creator of this system, Mike Klingler literally takes the novice or experienced networker by the hand and leads them click by click through the process of building their attraction based MLM business online using social networking and Web 2.0 strategies through video training tutorials. I think this system is more appropriate for implementing with your team as a whole because they can work at building their own businesses in their own time. I also think it appeals to a wider audience.

After Magnetic Sponsoring comes the MLM Traffic Formula, Building on a Budget and Black Belt Recruiting. I actually think that Black Belt Recruiting should be used alongside the University units because it focuses on recruiting and obviously this plays a major part in our business. MLM Traffic Formula provides more in depth education than the Renegade University does and I believe is a fantastic stepping stone after the university modules depending on whether one wants to spend between $500 - 1000.

I highly endorse both of these courses for everybody as I think they both emphasise important aspects of building a successful online attraction based network marketing business. They outline the strategies and the mindset you need to implement and are a fantastic pre-cursor to your network marketing business. Of course anyone should do their due diligence when buying any course just as they should when looking at am mlm opportunity.

I wish I'd had Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg or Mike Klingler at my business opportunity meeting offering me an immediate solution to supporting me in my network marketing journey rather than listening to the positives and hype of the company's compensation plan.

I truly believe that the Renegade Network Marketer and Magnetic Sponsoring go hand in hand with each other and I am forever grateful for these two people for their pioneering concepts in attraction marketing and as a consequence gradually moving the old school network marketing methods to the archives.

There is no versus in these methods, they really compliment each other.

Isobel Akehurst uses both the Renegade University and Magnetic Sponsoring to coach network marketers how to build a successful online marketing business that attracts quality prospects to their lists and produces instant cash flow with step-by-step video tutorials and explanations that anyone can follow. If you are a beginner or a network marketing expert, you will learn and get tremendous value from both the Renegade and Magnetic Sponsoring Training Affiliate Programs.


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