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Amway Quixtar Compensation Plan and Information Overview


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When you register and become an independent business owner you will have access to a great portfolio of products. These products are manufactured by Amway's very own Access Business Group. These 450 products are backed by Amway Quixtars 40 locations, 300 Scientists, and 700 patents. The Amway Quixtar products are focused on health and beauty, although they do offer alternative products such as air and water purifiers, personal care products, home cleaners, and much more. Amway Quixtar also provides a 180-day money back Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Amway Quixtar Compensation Plan:

The Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan dates back to one of the oldest plans ever created in network marketing. Known as the stairstep breakaway. Due to the fact that Quixtar Amways Compensation plan was the original network marketing plan in existence it provides a complicated and less distributor friendly payplans then many newer companies provide. However, those that persevere and overcome the Quixtar Amway bashing that is brought on by many uninformed naysayers and distributors have had fantastic results. With all that being said, it may take a long time to build a substantial downline that results in a substantial residual income.

Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan is dependent on the selling or distributing of their products. The distributor earns income from a retail markup on product sales to customers as well as earning additional income from monthly performance bonuses ranging from 3% to 25% depending on business volume and monthly productivity.

The Amway Quixtar's Compensation Problem:

There are a few problems that can be associated with the Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan. First and foremost is the ability to grow your downline and team. As network marketers the key to success is building a successful and motivated downline that has the ability to market and sell the products themselves. Amway Quixtar relies on old marketing techniques to tell others about the products and services while attempting to get them involved. We call this the ‘friends, family, and others’ sabotage list. Anyone that has had any experience in network marketing already knows what I'm talking about. The new distributor is told to compile a list of friends, family, and anyone else they ever have made contact with to call and tell them about your product.

Now this may be efficient to begin with, but after a few weeks or maybe even months the list will run short and most likely you will be added to the NFL club. The NFL club stands for No Friends/Family Left. Nobody likes to be sold by their friends or family, it just isn't fun turning down what they have to offer and sometimes bad blood can be created as a result.

Another issue with Amway Quixtars Compensation plan is the ability to achieve a full time income. When joining a network marketing company it is especially crucial to look at what it will take in order for you to turn your part time home based business into a full time career. How many sales? How many distributor sign ups? So on and so forth. For me, my goal is a minimum ability of $5,000 a month. In order to achieve this kind of success with the Amway Quixtar Compensation Plan you must build a dowline in the upwards of 400-500 people having sales of over $400/month! How viable is that? Do you have the resources to reach out and connect with that many people?

The Solution to Amway Quixtars Compensation Plan

As I'm sure you have realized the road to success with Amway Quixtar may be a long and difficult road to follow. You will need to have many active distributors signed up underneath you that are also duplicating the same results that you have experienced. Recently there has been a solution created in the network marketing field, a revolution that allows for you to speak with thousands and thousands of people a day from the comfort of your home. With the internet you have the ability to reach as many people as you want. This concept is known as the automated turn key marketing system via Web 2.0. In a nutshell the turn key marketing system allows for anyone at any point in their internet marketing career to succeed. Whether you just learned how to use the internet, or you are a top notch web designer. By providing a 30 Day Step By Step Marketing guide to success, anyone can achieve these results. The step by step guide teaches you how to market yourself via the internet and how to properly use Web 2.0 technology, even if you have no prior experience.

In summary, this automated turn key marketing system allows you to focus on learning, while applying step by step instructions. Once you have applied these step by step instructions you can be earning $1,000 checks daily, not monthly or even yearly. If you are tired of the overhyped opportunities then I am dedicated to teaching you the necessary steps to becoming successful in network marketing. Don't depend on Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan to make you successful. Plan on a proven system that has taken years of research and development. Information can be found here

Justin Phillips
Search Engine Optimization Expert and Internet Marketer


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