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Simple Easy Network Marketing? Is That Possible?


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Is there Simple and Easy Network Marketing?

It's been said so many times, by so many ‘industry insiders’ , that the term ‘easy money’ has come to epitomize the network marketing industry. On some level, we all want to believe it. Who hasn't been intrigued at some point by the prospect of getting thousands of dollars each week by following a few simple, easy steps. It's easy to buy into the numbers game concept. Especially when you think of how the internet has transformed the world over the past 20 years. Never in the course of human history has any single medium reached so many people in so many diverse places. The internet is huge, you already know that.

But the internet's sheer size is both its largest marketing advantage, and its largest marketing shortcoming. The internet is a huge collection of two dimensional planes, each attached and referenced to the others through links. It's kind of the blob that ate the world. It was loosed from a few simple bulletin board sites, and has grown to cover the world with html pages, blogs and affiliate marketing sites. Sifting through it all are powerful search engines, grammatically and semantically reading each entry to assign a ‘relevance’ to search engine users. Hit the right search string and be rewarded with a Google hit on page one, miss it and land on page 2, where nobody goes. Google's wasteland.

Simply putting up a website, and waiting for people to ‘beat feet’ to it is an unrealistic expectation. But you can drive traffic. There are metric's you can use, tools to employ, and techniques that leverage the amount of traffic a web site gets. The amount of hit's your site gets is a big consideration in modern network marketing. And while branding is important on the internet, it's not as important as you would think. There are some workarounds you can use to improve site traffic.

You need a network marketing strategy and a network marketing plan, and you need to make a commitment to understanding how network marketing works on the internet. Just as you should shun the ‘three foot rule’ of MLM marketing, you should embrace new network marketing concepts like ‘attraction marketing. ’ Network marketing is a simpler and easier approach to marketing. The leveraging opportunities alone make it worthwhile to learn, understand and apply.

Here are 10 Tips that Make Network Marketing Simple and Easy. . .

1. You're using the internet to attract ‘pre sold’ prospects to you. When you attract, you attract people who already have a built in interest in what you have to sell. That makes qualifying a heck of a lot easier.

2. If you've done your homework, you've selected the best network marketing opportunity for you. Being excited and wanting to share your knowledge goes a long way in motivating you out of bed in the morning.

3. If you've come this far, your no dummy. Attraction marketing requires a skill set, you don't need to possess it all. A lot of it can be bought. You just need to be the architect of the vision.

4. You believe in the product. Like I said. If you don't believe in the product, then you shouldn't be selling it. People will respond to positive, well meaning messages. If you don't think you need to put forth a positive message on the internet to sell your product, you're mistaken.

5. You're part of a winning team. You've selected a group that mirrors your beliefs and philosophy. You fit like a glove and want to engage with the group freely and actively.

6. You have access to working examples. You see the system in action. Whether you're a part of it, or looking admirably at someone else's business model. You see what it is you want to build.

7. You can get advice when you need it. You have a go to guy for technical questions. You don't know it all, and probably never will. The most successful people in history have gotten successful by surrounding themselves with people who knew the answers. They just knew what questions to ask.

8. You build knowledge. Every day, you pursue something new about your product, or marketing. You are never stagnating in your pursuit of excellence.

9. You can learn. You actively engage the process. You inquire, ask questions, read books, go to seminars and maybe attend a class or two. Learning never stops.

10. You monitor. You look at what you're doing. Find the metric's you need to watch your business with and then watch them. Keep tabs on every aspect of your business. If you pay for some advertising, you should know how much revenue that ad grossed. If you don't, you won't know how and where to spend your money next time.
Network marketing is nowhere near easy. But it's doable. The fantastic thing about the opportunity that exists today is that the playing field has never been leveler. You may be just one of a million web pages on the web, but if you learn how, you can leverage that same one of a million positions to your advantage.

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