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Downline Retention is Key in Network Marketing

Carlos Montenegro

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Downline retention is the only way you can consistently earn wealth from commissions. This means having a good sales team under your umbrella and if you the current team is not able to deliver, you have to push them or recruit new people.

This is the reality that you have to deal with because you may have a hundred people or more under you but if they are not doing anything, don't expect to get a check at the end of the month. Downline retention is best achieved by screening each applicant carefully and only picking those who have what it takes to succeed.

But how do you achieve downline retention? Well, the first step is to hire people. You can do what companies do and that is to put an ad in the paper. If you make it very interesting, surely people will call and then you give your sales pitch. Another is to put up a website so visitors can see what products you carry and if they see that these products are indeed beneficial, they will also want to make some money selling it to other people.

When you have your team, the next thing to do now is to train them about each product that you have. They must know what are its features and benefits so they can use this to sell to potential customers. Later on, you should also check on their progress because mentoring them also goes a long way. If you are able to provide them support, they will do their best to succeed and thus you will have downline retention.

You don't have to come up with the information needed for downline retention because this is provided for by your mother company. You just have to use it wisely so you get to use this to its full potential.

Perhaps the best way to see if your recruits are able to sell is to conduct mock up exercises. You can pretend to be a customer and see how well they are able to sell the product. Some recruits will do well while others won't. The important thing is that they are able to perfect it so there will not be any problems in the future.

If you think it is challenging to monitor the progress of ten recruits, just imagine what more when you double or triple this number. It will be much harder to see how they are doing so create a database. By keeping information about each recruit, you will be able to follow up how each one is doing. If you are not able to see them in person, an email or a phone call will do so they know that you care which is again another way of maintain downline retention.

Of course, incentives can make a recruit work harder. This will push the others to even sell more items that what the individual did the month before. But remember, you don't have to give anything big. The important thing is that you give credit where it is due.

Downline retention is something that MLM professionals have to do because how much you earn has a direct relationship with the people under you. By being a good leader and mentor, everyone who decides to be under your wing will make a fortune.


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