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Network Marketing Success Are You RICH Or POOR?

Lisa Young

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I was thinking about this today, and I had to share it with you. A fellow network marketer gave me a new definition of RICH and POOR:




Which one are you? Where is your mindset?

If you live in an abundant mindset, and realize you CAN have anything, doors of opportunity will fling open for you.

My life has been a vivid example of that statement. My husband and I live in completely different mindsets. He always says “we can't afford it. " I always say “If God wants it to happen, it will. " And things start to happen - Big Time!

Whenever I have a need (and even a want or two), instead of trying to figure out if I can afford it, I try to release the fear surrounding all the “what if's" and let nature take it's course. Without becoming attached to the outcome, you can be less paranoid about the results, and trust that what you want will happen in the exact moment it's supposed to.

Think of something you need desperately. Think of a real need - not a want. A show on the calendar is a need (if you want to stay in business), a new car is a want. A reliable piece of transportation is a need.

Now feel all the anxiety releasing from your mind and body over the ultimate outcome. Trust that, no matter what's going on in your life at this very moment, your ultimate outcome will happen. Feel the peace that overcomes you as you focus in on attaining what you need.

This isn't a bunch of “airy fairy" mind magic, either. What happens, is that your mind is less focused on sorting through fear, and better able to sort through opportunities and possibilities as they present themselves. You'll get a call, book a show, or make a new connection that leads to a new recruit in your Network Marketing business.

Mark Joyner devised a theory on stability that states, in essence: desperate people do desperate things. The more desperate you are, the more desperate you become. But when you focus on becoming stable, the more stability you have, the easier it is to make positive decisions with positive outcomes.

When you clear your mind of the clutter, it's easier to see the good things available to you.

On the other hand, if you live in a world of lack, you'll always see the door as half closed - and always make excuses about why you don't have the resources to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough faith, not enough courage.

A close family member always lived her life this way. Always complaining about what she didn't have, and how she couldn't afford much of anything. Constantly in a state of misery, people tended to avoid her, she lived alone, and her children even moved away. The general air of negativity weighed everyone down - and consequently she became her own self-fulfilling prophecy. I know recruits in my own network marketing team that have struggled with this mindset issue in the past, and have overcome it. Don't expect it to happen overnight, but with patience and persistence, it does happen.

Open your eyes to all the possibilities you can make not only of your network marketing/home party business but of yourself and your life as well. Live in abundance. Not some mumbo-jumbo, self-help guru kind of babble. Just realize that there's more of everything in this world than you could ever want or need. Stop worrying and start focusing. Then make a plan for getting what you need. The rest falls in place quicker than you can imagine. I know it has for me.

Tired of trading hours for money, Lisa Young gave up her 8 to 5 for a direct sales career that now spans over 11 years. Lisa's blog, Real Life Marketing, reveals the realities of what it takes to be successful in the eyes of your customer, using real-life examples you can learn from today. You can visit Real Life Marketing at

Unlike other industry writers, who left direct sales to pursue speaking careers, Lisa is still in the trenches, running her direct sales business and leading her teams to success. Her book, Home Party Solution, is a step-by-step method to harness the internet to boost bookings, sales and recruits. Read the first chapter free and subscribe to the monthly business boosting e-zine, “PartyOn!" at


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