How to Choose a Network Marketing Winner

DeAnna Spencer

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The idea of using a network-marketing program to generate extra income has taken North America by storm. More and more people are looking around, attempting to find a real winner.

The problem is that network marketing companies are sprouting up all over the place and there's just too many of them to keep up with. This makes the choice of which program to join a frustrating and time consuming process. Before you join any network marketing company, go through this checklist.

Think about the product. Is it a product that you would use regularly, and freely recommend to your friends? Is it lower prices, more convenient to use than similar products available elsewhere? Finally what about delivery? How much time lapses between the time the order is placed and when the order is received?

Find out as much about the company as you can. Be wary of chain letters, pyramid scams, and ridiculous claims about how much you can make. Be sure to find out exactly what you're getting for your sign up fee. Make sure the company provides you with professional sales materials and that they're reasonably priced. If you're involved with a company that makes its money from the training material that isn't a good sign. Find out about the company's financial backing and corporate officers-are they in this as full time professional sales people? Be sure to understand/know how the company keeps track of all the incoming orders and when, as well as how you'll be paid.

Before you decide to join a network marketing company and expect to make a profit, you must understand that:

It is a selling proposition. You will be required to sell and it will require a lot of your time. You must have a product line that appeals to most people. In other words try to find information, a membership site, or a program that will help people achieve financial security.

In addition to understanding what's involved and a product line that most people want and will buy from you, you need assistance- instructions and help- in not only selling the product or products, but in how to find new customers on an ongoing basis. Once you've decided to try your hand at network marketing, and you've become affiliated with a company that has a product line that you feel will appeal to most people, and you have your advertising/sales materials, the next thing to do is to determine how YOU want to sell it-will you be selling in
person, online, or through the mail?

Remember that the amount of time you spend in actually trying to sell the product will determine the amount of money you make. Don't forget that unless you keep making sales calls and keep finding customers, you won't make any money. It's up to you to decide how much time you'll spend with your network marketing business. Picking the right network marketing company can be frustrating because there are so many of them, but if you remember the key points in this article then the process should be a lot easier.

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