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Domain Names Title Tags Are Important For SEO


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It is important to have a good domain name if you are building a new website. If shown an unattractive, (a name that doesn't make sense) domain name, the guest will not feel like visiting the website at all. If a guest is looking for Natural Cholesterol Lowering Vitamins, (that You Sell. ) He will not click on your site named He would be more inclined to click on

That does not mean you need to be totally innovative. Do you know the reason for this? The best domain name in the world is one with the relevant keywords embedded in them. If keywords are used, you gain the much sought after search engine optimization(SEO) which is important to determine ranks on the search engines. In this article you will learn how to do both things.

You will have to start by searching a keyword that is good for the search engines and also can be a part of your domain name. You can find immense help with a keyword analyzer to achieve this. (A good Free One is nichebotclassic. ) You will be able to find such tools by searching on popular Internet engines. Think of a sample keyword that tells about what your site is and enter it into the tool. The keyword analyzer will give you many different versions for the single keyword you used. From the returned options pick particular domain name that better serves the meaning of your website. If you are looking for a search engine optimized domain name you have to use specific keywords that have low competition. Now, you can begin thinking about your real domain name.

Your domain name service will show you whether your chosen domain name is obtainable. The domain name service will also suggest alternatives, if the one you put in is not available.

Put in your keyword first (many people into SEO state that your Domain Name and Title Tags are a very important part of SERP and one of the few parts you can control. . ) this will help you make better use of this tool. In case the keyword itself is not available as the domain name, you will get some suggestions at least. If a particular suggestion has your keyword in it and terminates with a .com, it will be good for you. If you do not find this, put some creative thought into it. One way of keeping your keyword in the domain name is to put in some filler words or numbers here and there.

One ruse is to put the words ‘a', ‘an’ or ‘the’ as fillers. Search engines will overlook such words. Therefore, your domain name gets optimized and also remains better in the visitors’ memories. Another use is to use numbers at the end of the phrase, they could be anything like 101, for example. Below we describe what you must do if you get all else but not the .com suffix.

If your keyword is extremely popular, another extension can be considered. The extensions that may get popular are .net, .org and .biz. Another trick is to use a state or country extension in the domain name. Consider this if you do not lay more stock with the difference between worldwide or local marketing. For example, it is better to be number 1 in the Austrian Google than number 400 or something in American Google! With little effort, you can find a domain name that will be good for the user as well as for the search engine.

You can rely 90% on the analyzer tool to get your domain name. You will have to put only the remainder 10% of the effort with your creativity. If nothing else helps you, the extensions surely will.

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Making Good Use Of Your Title Tags
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