How To Find Your Perfect MLM Sponsor In 3 Easy Steps - Without Going Completely Insane


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If you've never had the experience you're very lucky. . . .

You just joined a great new MLM company and are excited and ready to go, you e-mail your sponsor to find out what's next.

Days pass. . .

No response.

You try again but still nothing.

So, how do you avoid this terrible fate?

I'm glad you asked, here are the 3 ways you can use to find your perfect MLM sponsor:

1. Find out if he's active

Nothing drives me crazier then joining a company and finding out my sponsor isn't doing anything to work the business.

If the company has a scoreboard or ranking site, see if he's on it. Check out his websites in Google and see how they're set up.

The important thing is to make sure he's making an effort :)

2. E-mail or Call him

Take a minute “before" you join up to e-mail or call him with questions.

Ask him whatever you like and see if he responds.

Don't think you're bothering your prospective mentor, if he's the right person he won't mind.

3. Find out how long he's been with the company

Another thing you'll run into is finding a sponsor that's been with the company a week and has no clue.

Now don't get me wrong, it's okay to be new but the “blind leading the blind" isn't going to help anyone.

When you're sending him the e-mail from step 2 just ask him how long he's been with the company and see what happens.


The relationship you're forming will be lasting a really long time, you want to be sure he's the right person to help you build your team.

Follow these steps and soon you'll find a sponsor you're happy with that will help you take your new MLM business to the next level.

Copyright 2004 John Stafford

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