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Frustrated by Doing What Your MLM Upline Tells You to Do?

Marco Abanico

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If you have been in network marketing in the past, and your uplines told you that you should be talking to a hundred people before you actually get one to signup into your downline, join the club. It DOESN'T work for the average individual.

Perhaps what your sponsor does not know that heavy hitters are doing is that doing inbound marketing gets prospects to signup a LOT easier than doing outbound marketing, which is cheap and fast. For that reason, they tell you the same thing they have been taught. . . outbound marketing which is cheap and fast. Inbound marketing is when an interested prospect comes to you displaying interest in your opportunity. Outbound marketing is when YOU go out to a prospect and get them to signup into your opportunity. That is where most people fail in MLM. . . by chasing people to get them to buy into their opportunity. A good example of outbound marketing is telemarketing, cold calling, or face-to-face prospecting out on the street or in the subway.

Most of your uplines in network marketing tell you do outbound marketing because that is what they are taught by their sponsors.

The real truth about network marketing is that those heavyhitters in MLM:

  1. Know that it requires TIME and MONEY for the average individual to get set up in they are doing which is inbound marketing. They are also aware that the average person never achieves success in network marketing and recruits only 2.7 people before quitting. Therefore, in order to “help" you find success in network marketing, they tell you to make a list of your friends and family that you know would help THEM out. That is where this leveraging comes in play. The uplines utilize you to help build THEIR own bottom line and not yours.

  2. Tell you it is a numbers game. In a way that is true. They probably told you to talk to 10, 20, or 100 people before you get a distributor to sign up with you. What they do not tell you is that 95% of the public does not like to be sold. Therefore, if you chase people down in order to build your MLM business, you have the short end of the stick. Those who are doing inbound marketing have the prospects come to them like moths to a flame.

  3. Know that your efforts and enthusiasm are not duplicatable. But they tell you to do that anyway because it is CHEAP and FAST. It does not cost you to make a list of names of your friends and family, and it certainly does not require a lot of time to pick up the phone and call them up only to hear a “click" on the other end. Just think of it this way, if a distributor knew that it would cost him TIME and MONEY outside of the signup fee he has to pay to join the company, what are the chances that he would join? Zilch!

It is a FACT that inbound marketing does require TIME and MONEY (other than the signup fee) to get the business going. Not to mention it is VERY EFFECTIVE. Multi-level marketing is a business just like any other business. Do not be fooled by outbound marketing techniques that tell you to go to a Thursday night meeting with hopes of signing up a distributor on the waiting list or to make a list of names of all your friends and family members to whom you can market. Those tactics are CHEAP (requires just the signup fee you paid) and FAST (requires little time) but highly INEFFECTIVE.

Inbound network marketing requires that you know a system. You must learn that system so that you can be like those heavyhitters in MLM. Knowing that system requires YOUR time and effort but in the long run it benefits YOU because that system is EFFECTIVE.

When you sign up into an MLM company to pursue your dreams, be teachable, learn as much as you can, know what marketing systems are out there to help you achieve success because there are other ways to get distributors to join you besides calling up all your friends and family.

If you want to know more about Marco Abanico or DoctorLighthouse, click on the links below.

Marco Abanico is a expert in internet network marketing and runs the website, DoctorLighthouse. He lends his expertise on internet marketing by writing extensively on how to get free leads for your MLM business , internet marketing strategies, and network marketing lead generation .


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Network Marketing Failure - Is it Your Upline's Fault?
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