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The information containing details of the sale, provided by the MLM business owner, to contact people interested in the business and vice-versa is called leads. The leads can be fresh and stale. People who show interest in your business most recently form fresh leads whereas, those that have shown interest in your business few weeks ago or not that recently form stale leads. It might be possible that people who had shown interest in the past might not be interested any longer due to any reason. They might have got some better deal or may have any other personal reason. The fresh leads are the potential leads. You must concentrate on them.

Generating leads is not a big deal. You can either find them or buy them. There are flip sides to both these conditions apart from the benefits. For finding leads on your own you need to advertise, create websites, write articles and some how get more and more people to come to you for information. If you want leads in short span of time you can buy them. This would give you as many number of leads as you have thought of. The only point here is that you will have to part with some of your money. Do not forget that buying leads is cheaper than creating websites and getting people to visit that site. Buying enables you to concentrate completely on your business since you already have the clients. The best option is to buy some and get some on your own.

Following can help you in getting leads on your own:

● Launch a website of your own that has matter related to your business.

● Start out by distributing your own newsletter.

● Use popular mediums like magazines and radio to advertise.

● Don't forget to use your signature line and leave messages wherever possible.

● Get people to pay for using search engine for subscriptions to your newsletter.

● Provide email course, free of cost, on your topic.

● Use payment mode to get traffic too.

● Articles on the relevant subject must be written.

● You can also use postcards for informing people.

● Then of course! contest and draw can work wonders.

Leads are the most important aspect of your business so you must find them at any cost. Don't waste once you acquire them. Always post a message in front of your lead and be quick. Auto response can solve your problem of being quick in answering leads, if the leads are in the form of emails. Leads get stale and are of no use if you delay in responding to them. In auto response the prospect lead would get an instant message that would contain your name, your contact address, telephone number and a message that you would get back to him or her as soon as possible.

There are other technology-based systems through which you can generate leads. They are as follows:

  • Lead generator that makes use of webpages for self promotion

  • System of guaranteed lead generator

  • Use of search engine for promotion

  • Co-op lead generator

  • Powerline or downline generating free program.

  • Generating leads via email.

    It is a tried and tested formula that simple and precise ads get huge response viz-a-viz the embellished and colorful ads. To get an idea about how your ad should look like, browse the net and you may get some very good, straight to the point ads that would enable you to generate leads faster.

    There is also the option of third party intervention. You can seek help from a third party, or use various lead generating systems. These lead generating systems allow you to enter your own follow-up letters and the time gap between two follow-ups. Then the system takes over and gets in touch with all the leads every now and then so that the leads remain fresh all the time.

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