Child-like Confidence will Build Your Network Marketing Business


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You learned most of what you know in your first few years of life. We can gain insight into improving our current situation by observing the behavior of young children. They believe in themselves, nothing is impossible. Their dreams and their reality mesh easily.

Children are Accepting

Children go to a park as individuals. Within 5 minutes they have made friends with some of the other children in the park. They talk and interact with no inhibitions. They trust others will be welcoming of the. They are not concerned about rejection.

Be child-like. Talk to people you meet about your business opportunity. Offer your opportunity to everyone. Do not judge them. Do not decide what category they fall into. Leave it for them to make the decision. Share your story with everyone.

Run Toward your Fear

Children are unaware of fear. They never consider “will they like me” “Will I look foolish” “What will they think of me” They are upfront and straight- forward. Recently I observed 4 young boys peeing in a park. One asked the other “Are you a boy or a girl” He replied, “I am a boy. ” There was no embarrassment. The first boy was not told that was a dumb question. We can learn a lot from the innocence of children.

We learn by asking questions. Ask people if they are interested in learning more about your business. Ask more experienced people how they run their business. The more you learn the more you can share with others. Children do not experience fear. Your fear is your growth coming to meet you. Step forward and shake fear by the hand. You will be amazed at how much more you can do. As you grow so your fears shrink.

Be a Product of Your Failures

Watch a child taking their first steps. They totter and fall. Then they try again, they keep trying until they can walk! If you do not try, you will not fail. But you will not learn. We grow from our mistakes. Be brave enough to take a risk. If it is a wrong decision learn from it. If it is a correct decision you will move forward. Children learn and grow so rapidly in their first few years.

There is no failure except the failure to try. Don’t regret the risk you did not take. Commit yourself to moving outside your comfort zone every day. Success is a numbers game. The more effort you put in the better results you will have. The more ‘no’s you receive, the closer you are to a’ yes’. If you are not failing you are not working hard enough.

Children Soak up Knowledge

You eat three times a day to be nourished. You must read three times a day to be wise. Exercise and nourish your body and your mind and you will achieve greatness. Spend at least one hour a day on some form of personal development. For your business to grow, you need to grow. Be child-like in your willingness to listen to new ideas. Children are positive in their acceptance of new ideas. Adults often put up barriers to new/ different ideas. They say “That will never work”, before they even try. Be willing to try new concepts, try out innovative ways. You will be well rewarded for your openness to change.

Take time to study children’s behavior. Regain their joy in life. Learn from their self confidence. Accept new ideas. Don’t listen to your fears. Build your business with a child-like confidence in your abilities. Your life and your business can grow as rapidly as children do.

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