MLM Pyramid Misunderstanding, It's Actually Inverted and Fair


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Many people that bad mouth MLM industry use the pyramid structure to give impression that it's a scam type of business whereby the people at the top earn all the money while people at the bottom earns few hundred dollars. Can you spot something? I'll show you. . .

The above is only true in traditional business. Those big businesses you see everyday, and where you are currently employed.

MLM business pyramid structure is inverted. How? Well, people in network marketing business starts from the bottom and have a chance of climbing to the top where there is a lot of space for as many as possible that are ready to work hard and commit 3-5 years to reach the top.

In an inverted pyramid structure, the space at the top is enormous. Climbing to the top does not create competition among others who are already there. Same is not true in traditional business pyramid structure. The space at the top is very limited and it's only lucky employees or those with extra talent and education that get to the top of the structure.

It takes many years to reach the apex of the traditional pyramid structure while in MLM business you can get to the top of the pyramid in less than 5 years.

In traditional business, you become a liability to the company by climbing to the top because of the increase in income. In MLM business pyramid, you become more valuable to the company and to your leader by climbing the struture no matter how much you earn. That is why MLM leaders are more than happy to help you climb the struture quickly, and you do that while having fun building your business from the comfort of your home.

Lastly, MLM inverted pyramid allow you to earn more income than your leader who introduced you to the business. You get paid according to the effort you invest in your business, unlike traditional business whereby people at the top that do little earn the big checks and it is not possible for people at the bottom to earn more than those at the top. Is your salary more than your manager's? I guess not. .

Now that you have read this far, which of the pyramid do you think is unfair?

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Fair Is Fair! Landlord Wants Us To Pay $100 Cleaning Fee For Former Tenant!
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