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VERY expensive.

That is what LOA is in the network marketing arena. It can be the most costly thing you ever have seen as far as a potential future, and yet, people seem to ignore the cost of it.


That is what it is.


That people would let this occur and without a single thought or guilt about it. And when the cost of it comes due, all they due is have a pity party.

”Woe is me. I am so unlucky. Look what this MLM business has done to me. ”

Yeah right.


Network marketing will o­nly reflect back to you what you have done for it. It doesn’t do anything to you. It o­nly gives back what you have put in. Nothing more, nothing less.

You have joined a Network Marketing Company, and you are excited and want to tell the world, but then - something happens.


You must go out and make calls and talk to people, do presentations, follow up, ask for the order, and do three ways as well as train your new people, so you say:

”WAIT A MINUTE! Is there not another way? There HAS TO BE!”

Sure. If you want to fail.

And LOA is a direct result of reality setting in and then your fears and doubts show up, and-


You are now full blown into the grasps of LOA, and many people don’t even know they are there. They live most of their entire lives there, and their career in MLM becomes a result of it.

LOA. The cancer in MLM and Network Marketing.


What is this thing called LOA and why is it so expensive to you?

Lack Of Action.

One of the biggest reasons that people fail miserably in this business, and the cost of it is truly staggering if you look at it realistically.


The most broke and poorest distributor in MLM is the “Permanent Student” who learns all the right things and what to do and say, but never acts o­n it or engages it.

And they are the o­nes who scream the loudest that MLM is a scam and it doesn’t work.

No. They are wrong.

They are o­nly scamming themselves to think that knowledge will make them successful in any enterprise, let alone Network Marketing or a Home Business.


Knowledge will not make you rich-ever. It is how you APPLY the knowledge EFFECTIVELY and CONSISTENTLY that creates wealth in Network Marketing and in Life.

Lack of Action is a cost that has interest attached to it. As a friend of mine says…

“If you think success is expensive, try paying the bill for failure!”


Ok, we understand that LOA is something that is VERY expensive to you and your family.

But what are the true costs of it? If you really think about it, and ponder it, what will it really cost you and your family for your lack of action in MLM?

There is an exercise I have done all over the world and back, and the impact is amazing at what it does. And it really is a COLD DOSE of reality of what your LOA does cost you. And this exercise is something that is a good downline building tool and can be used in seminars and meetings.

It’s called:

”The Top 10 Things I will Never have in My Life due to MY Lack of Action”.

OUCH! That hurts, doesn’t it? If you really think about it, it really does create a fear of loss and a big o­ne sometimes.

Fill out the items below and list the things you will not have if you do not take action in MLM:

1) _

2) _

3 _


5) _

6) _

7) _

8) _

9) _

10) _

I realize that this is what my LOA will cost me, and am aware of the future costs as well.

Signed _

Date _

And the greatest cost, is the cost to your self image, and self esteem. Not taking action will o­nly validate and hurt how you see yourself, and feel about yourself. It will continue to paint a paralyzed picture in your mind, over and over o­n a subconcious level, which will impact every area of your life. And it will o­nly help empower the fear that has stopped the action, as well as the habits that are the fruit of it.

The True Cost of LOA in MLM actually is more INTERNAL than external, but either way, inaction costs you dearly. O­ne costs you a future and destiny of Success, and the other costs you feeling good about who you are, and all the things that you could be accomplishing. Both are high costs, for a low desire to take action and Succeed.

So - what’s it gonna be bubba? (Or bubbette-smile)

May I suggest you NOT ACCEPT the Top 10 Lack in your life and TRUE COST of Lack of Action, and decide to get INTO ACTION and start creating what you want in your life as well as building that Greatness within you that has always been there and do it through MLM and Network Marketing!

Blessings. . .

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