How One College Student Quit School to Reach Financial Independence? No It Not Texas Hold-em!

Mike Makler

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College is a great place where many people relax between High School and the real world. Bill Gates one of the wealthiest men in the world dropped out of college to form Microsoft. Many of the New Age Internet Billionaires either dropped out of college or made their Billions in spite of college.

Most conventional colleges don't offer courses in how to be hugely financial successful, Robert Allen a well know author and Real Estate Millionaire couldn't get a job with his MBA so he decided to invest in real estate.

Not very long ago I ran into this Young Man around 20 who dropped out of college because as he put it going to class is costing me money. This young college drop out had started a part time business working 20 hours a week while he was in college and after 2 Years he claimed to be earning $11,000 a month.

He showed me a detailed plan that he had where he would work 50 Hours a Week for the next 5 Years and be earning over $1,000,000 a month by the time he was 30 and retired to Colorado and snow boarding in the winter and California and surfing in the summer. What if he only did 1/2 as good or 1/10th as good.

What business had this young college drop out found? Network marketing of course!

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