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Network Marketers lose many prospects because they try too hard to close the deal. It is a natural reaction for people to shun being sold, but they love to buy. By letting prospects close themselves, you will end up putting more people in your downline.

Most MLM Trainers tell networkers to sell features and benefits. When promoting a network marketing opportunity, features and benefits selling is hard work. The prospect is always suspicious, and moving away from you.

The way we eliminate this fear and suspicion is to use what we call a Crossover Move.

Let’s demonstrate what happens when a Crossover Move is used:

The Prospect says, “I really like your opportunity. ” The Networker says, “Interesting. Based upon our discussion to this point, I would not have guessed you had any interest in my opportunity. What did I miss?”

Did you see the Crossover? Instead of moving in for the close, we gently moved away, and let the prospect close himself. Let’s continue and see what happens next.

The Prospect says, “Maybe you missed how your marketing system will solve my problem with duplication. ” The Networker says, “Really. I’m still a little confused. Could you be a little more specific?” The Prospect says, “Sure. By doing…”

Did you see what just happened? The prospect is doing all the work to close himself. The prospect is buying, not being sold. Isn’t that easy? Just one last move, and then we’re done.

The Networker says, “John, what would you like to do next?” The Prospect says, “I’m ready to sign-up. ”

No surprise stalls or last minute objections. The prospect feels in control, and is moving the process forward. And because of this, he is much more likely to sign-up for autoship and start signing up other distributors right away. Because he bought, he is self- motivated.

The Crossover Move consists of two parts: the build-up and the take-away. Here’s an example:

“Conversational Recruiting™ has been called the most powerful recruiting process in Network Marketing, but it’s not for everyone. ”

The build-up is: “Conversational Recruiting™ has been called the most powerful recruiting process in Network Marketing. ”

The take-away is: “but it’s not for everyone. ”

The build-up captures the imagination of the prospect, while the take-away entices the prospect to want to know more. The prospect then begins selling you on why they would be interested.

Once you’ve mastered the fine art of the Crossover Move, you can sit back and watch your prospects sell you on wanting to get involved with your network marketing opportunity. You build up, then take away; build up, then take away… and if you do that long enough, prospects sell themselves.

Why is this called the Crossover Move? Because it is the opposite of what MLM Trainers tell networkers to do when recruiting someone new into network marketing. It crosses over from the expected, to the unexpected. Most of all, like all Conversational Recruiting™ methods, it just flat-out works.

Achieving MLM Success requires that you step away from the norm. Crossover Moves allow you to do just that, and step into the ranks of the Super Recruiters.

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